Chronic Pain Petition

Federal Representatives                                                 State Representatives

The American Chronic Pain Association estimates that over 116 Million people in the United States suffer from and are partially disabled by chronic pain. A lot of those are as a result of a work accident.
They are given a lower disability rating because they are not confined to a wheelchair or bed ridden. Even though their conditions are just as bad, they are given ratings as low as 5% because they do not fall under their conditions for rating.
According to the fifth edition of the American Medical Association (AMA) Guides, disability is defined as “an alteration of an individual’s capacity to meet personal, social, or occupational demands because of an impairment.”[2, 10] The WHO defines disability as an activity limitation that creates a difficulty in the performance, accomplishment, or completion of an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being. Difficulty encompasses all of the ways in which the performance of the activity may be affected.

Some people with Chronic pain are shut ins and cannot work due to gut wrenching pain 24/7.
Yet we are given a lower rating because of their guidelines!

Please tell them that you will not stand by and watch the over 116 million people in the United States be treated like second class citizens when they never asked for their Chronic Pain Disease or Condition.
We deserve a different, and more fair Chronic Pain Disability Scale, that will give people with Chronic Pain a Disability Rating that they deserve.


 Comments from Signers

Christa Whightsel,Reynoldsburg,OH,11/17/2011,

I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and am told I am only 12% disabled.

Amanda Bartholomew,Everett,WA,11/17/2011,

I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and am on Workman’s Comp

Shawnalee Clark,Clyde,TX,11/17/2011,

“Those who suffer from chronic pain should be respected and gain the disability rating they deserve. I am one of them. Please hear us and act NOW! Thank you.
~ Shawnalee”

Deborah Hughes,Carrollton,GA,,11/17/2011,

My daughter suffers from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  She is disabled due to this illness.  She deserves better!!!!!

Allison Healy,Milwaukee,WI,11/17/2011,

“I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and Fibromyalgia. I am 21 years old, and I have had chronic pain for nearly 8 years.”

Krista Hughes,Carrollton,GA,11/17/2011,

“I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type II. All of us that suffer from chronic pain deserve, a  more fair Disability Rating. Please hear our voices now!”
Emilie Jensen,West Orange,NJ,11/17/2011,I suffer with this disease every day and I’ve already been turned down for social security and disability because they said RSD doesn’t have to be a lifetime illness.

Vicki Morris,Blairmore,11/17/2011,

I also have RSD and not getting any help and AISH thinks im not disabled enough

Nena Hernandez,Houston,TX,11/17/2011,

“I have RSD, of course you can’t tell… I wouldn’t wish my pain on anyone!”

Sam Shillinglaw,San Rafael,CA,11/17/2011,

“I have been afflicted with this horrible disease since 2001.  I worked for 7 years struggling with the monster RSD the whole time. After visiting a neurologist she insisted I would never feel any relief if I did not quit working. After applying 3 times I still get no money and now my FAMILY is forced to SUFFER TOO. This has GOT TO CHANGE, my wife didn’t marry RSD/CRPS, why does the government make her pay for it? I got RSD/CRPS from a AMA certified doctor, yet nobody seems to care or even want to help me the patient…..what is the certification for? What is insurance for? What is disability for? PLEASE HELP US ALL!!!!!”

Pam Piscitelli,Boca Raton,FL,11/17/2011,

I suffer from RSD which causes me a great deal of hardships.

Erin Radcliffe,Cuyahoga Falls,OH,11/17/2011,

“I am 50 years old and was diagnosed with RSD 2 years ago. I am being forced to work even though I can barely walk, some days because I am not eligable for disability according to what you stipulate as disabled. I would also have to wait ONE FULL year without work to receive one penny. I have no one but myself to reply on and if I was totally out of work I would have no place to live and no health benefits to get my needed medications to live. RSD is REAL, we hurt, we cry and we are in pain. WE need help !!”

George Brown,Iron Station,NC,11/17/2011,

“Work related accident, but God is still good.”

Virginia Mccoy,Huntington beach,CA,11/17/2011,

My daughter has RSD!!!

Dawn West,Xenia,IL,11/17/2011,

“Live with chronic pain every day so bad I cannot walk upright, or walk a store anymore to buy my groceries.”

Kerri Housour,Austin,TX,11/17/2011,

I have RSD and I am having to fight work comp to get disability & medical treatment!!!

Kim Bollard,Hatboro,PA,,11/18/2011,

“I have had RSD for 15 years and am on Workman’s Comp. I am fortunate and am still able to work but it is getting harder every day. I teach handicapped pre-schoolers (which  is how I got hurt) and this requires a lot of bending and reaching. I have 2 spinal cord stimulators along with the RSD in my back and both legs. I am trying so hard not to go out on disability but if I have to I do not want to receive less than I shoud just because my disability dose not fit into a certian box on the form. I have lost so much in my life because of this disease please don’t take away something else. Thanks, Kim”

Cynthia Martin,Memphis,TN,11/18/2011,

“I suffer from Chronic Pain and it took forever to receive my SSD.  When I did get it, it was based on something besides by chronic pain which is the worse of my illnesses.  Their needs to be a category for chronic pain.”

Ellen Wycuff,Celina,OH,11/18/2011,

I am one who lives in chronic pain daily. I am having to fight to try and get my ssd on other illnesses. They are need to except Fibromyalgia as one of the conditions that you are disabled.

Dana Singer,Norwalk,CT,11/18/2011,

I think this is discrimination and a violation of the ADA.

Jessica Cantrell,Glendale,CO,11/18/2011,

“I have RSD and it took three years to get on disability, even though the judge looked at my case and wondered why I was even before him. It’s not right that pain isn’t given as much credence as other disabilities.”

Julian Phillips,United States,11/18/2011,

“I’m adding to this because of 53 years of age it appears as though I have to give up work in part because of an accident and in part because of the RSD. The Social Security Department appears to have a certain set of forms or standards that they go by and if you do not fall into their nice little cubbyholes oh well too bad how sad it tonight. The fact is that I do not want to be on Social Security I want to be working however I cannot control the pain I cannot control what the medications due to me. Just for one day I would like these people who deal with workers comp and Social Security to go around with the pain that we suffer see how they handle it. When they could be sitting at a desk working and suddenly it is as though your neck is a five alarm fire or your arm is being stamped with many daggers. All you’re having a pleasant weekend with your family and then your neck feels as if 1000 swords have been processed through it each with hot molten tar on the blades. Or how would they feel when because of not being yelled to use one arm due to RSD the the other arm becomes painful with carpal tunnel etc. and so when left alone your no better than a baby who cannot open their own cans of food or butter a slice of bread etc.
So yes I believe this petition to be absolutely correct chronic pain needs to have its own set of provisions for both. I sincerely thank you Christa for this marvelous suggestion.
I must get on with some other things now so will get off my soapbox. This is dictated through Dragon 11 software system and I confess I have not reread it properly so I hope that with the dogs barking there is not too much gobbledygook in here
Julian Phillips”

Sandra  Martineau,Kelowna BC,11/19/2011,
We have those same issues here, WorksafeBC pays injured workers 2.5% for debilitating chronic pain in BC Canada, it is pathetic and implies discriminatory profiling.. it is a sub-low set amount and at minimalist rates, and by not allowing for individual situations it implies belittlement somehow and lack of respect for us a individuals, and and lumps us all into a pre judged minority group.

Twinkle VanFleet,Sacramento,CA,11/19/2011,

Having dealt with the Workers Compensation system as well as the Social Security Admin I know the hardship it causes first hand as well as the unsettling differences we face in the process of our pain and disabilities . Change is drastically needed.

Karen Anaya,Sedalia,MO,11/19/2011,

“My Daughter suffers so bad with this.  27 years old with a cane, cast  on arm and back brace!!!”

Jonathan Clark,Benson,AZ,11/19/2011,

“I was hurt at work when I was not even 30 and had trouble keeping jobs because of the pain–Social Security laughed at me and I had numerous jobs I lost because I could not deal with the pain.  When I was 52, I finally received my disability.  After appealing 3 times!”

Sandy Lewis,Oakdale,CT,11/19/2011,

“I have CRPS, caused by a Worker’s Comp injury. What a tortuous path through Worker’s Comp. It took several long years and was extremely stressful and caused me even more pain. We need a fair Chronic Pain Disability Scale! I am still unable to work – 6 years later!”

Spencer Dunstan,Miami,FL,11/19/2011,

“I’m a fleet service clerk for a major commercial airline and I have suffered several injuries on the job and Im being called a drug addict and a liar, and not being given the proper treatment I need. I am suffering many hardships I have never imagined and Im not getting any help.”

Barbara Stewart,Egg Harbor Twp,NJ,11/19/2011,

“Although this does not affect me, I do understand how it affects others because I suffer from chronic pain caused by a disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. This disease causes dibilitating chronc pain. The microscopic nerves near the skin of CRPS patients are damaged, but few doctors do the test that could prove the patient has these damaged nerves. The only visible sign of CRPS is chronic pain, swelling, color changes, and temperature changes. CRPS patients otherwise look fine. But the pain is so severe that many of us cannot get out of bed 2 to 4 days per week. Yet, we are looked at as exagerating our symptoms or faking them. Until doctors are willing to do the tests that would prove the damage done to our nerves, chronic pain patients should be evaluated based on the activities they can or cannot do, not on how they look.”

Patricia Watson,Drexel Hill,PA,11/19/2011,

I was injured at work in 2007.  I was diagnosed with RSD in 2008 and diagnosed as full body RSD in 2010.  I am fighting with WC over reasonable treatment.  We NEED to be recognized as disabled sooner.  PLEASE HELP!

Dan Smith,Columbus,OH,11/20/2011,

I have experienced the deliberate delays and disapproval from workman’s comp myself…  we need HELP!

Victoria Garron, Philadelphia,PA,11/20/2011,

friends and family

Susan Bannon,Philadelphia,PA,11/20/2011,My uncle and my cousin suffer from this horrible disease.  Please find a cure for this so they can live comfortably.

Tessa Giovaniello,Hamilton,11/20/2011,

I have lived with RSD for 10 years.

Jessica Maloy,Martinsburg,WV,11/20/2011,

“I have Rsd..I would like to know when the day comes that I can no longer be able to push myself to work, that I can be covered and not be hassled to recieve what benefits are due to me. My Rsd is system wide now. I hate the day when I cant go anymore. PLease make our voices heard.”

Virginia Watson,harwich port,MA,11/21/2011,

Young family member has rsd.

Penny Ewert,Shelby Twp,MI,11/21/2011,

I had an injury in February 2010 which resulted in RSD/CRPS. This is a terribly painful disease and affects those of us who have it  not only physically but mentally as well. I have been denied WC as well as SSD and have had to  hire a lawyer to help fight these denials.

Jennifer Samson,Longmont,CO,11/21/2011,

“I AM a chronic pain sufferer and I haven’t been able to work since ’02.   I only get $500 a month from Soc Sec, I’m single and live alone.  That is my ONLY income.  Please change the scale so that some of us can have hope of a future again!!”

Angela Immordino,Winder,GA,30680,United States,11/21/2011,

I’m signing b/c I have severe RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis). It is a terrible auto-immune disease that inhibits my life tremendously. I have to take a handful of meds every morning & night just to be able to function. I still cannot open jars or doors. And I’m only 31.

Maribeth LeValley,Santa Rosa,CA,11/21/2011,

“I suffer from constant pain. I have additional disabilities, but my pain is minimized.  How can someone who is in horrible pain focus on their work and be an effective employee? Why would anyone hire me if I am in bed for days at a time from migraine pain? If I can’t lift above my shoulders due to pain, or  maybe I can do it today, but if I do, I will spend two or three days in bed in agonizing pain  from doing it.  I’ve had a quadriplegic friend tell me that she thinks it’s unfair that people are so harsh with me, and easy on her because her disability is visible- mine isn’t. She is not in pain, and people bend over backwards to accommodate her; but they look at me and accuse me of lying about my disability/pain!
The ratings have to change! “

Tracy Jones,Mustang,OK,11/21/2011,

“I have had RSD for 10yrs people in chronic pain are treated different than people with other health problems such as cancer,heart disease and such we are the same not different we deserve the same respect as these people get”

Dawn Dahmus,South Saint Paul,MN,11/21/2011,

“I have pain everyday, I can’t walk without assistance. I have denied didability after  I applied  a year ago. Now what? Can’t pay rent, can’t feed my kids, can’t work. What am I suppose to do?”

Suzanne Matzig,Willis,TX,11/21/2011,

I have RSD/CRPS and can’t take my pain meds duringf the day because I HAVE to go to work for the paycheck. I am in tears several times a day in the bathroom because the pain is SO severe.

CLAUDIA RUNYON,Carlsbad,NM,11/21/2011,

Just because we are people suffering with disabilities that you can’t see doesn’t mean we should have to prove what is wrong with us harder than someone who lost a finger.

Kristine Mayer,Rock Island,IL,11/21/2011,

“I have RSD & I want to know that when the day comes that I can’t push myself through the pain to go to work that I will have the support all people with disabilities need & deserve, not be treated like an unwanted, lying,  untouchable “”thing””. I love my work & hope that day never comes but with no cure in sight I know the odds are against me & so many others.”

Kristynn Bellamy,Bountiful,UT,11/21/2011,

“My mother has had fibromyalgia for twenty-three years and I have had it for ten. Luckily she has my dad to help take care of her so that she does not need to work full-time. I do not have such a luxury. Instead I cry myself to sleep every night from the additional pain that I got for working an an 8-10 hour day. I love to work, but it does not seem worth it to put myself through all this pain just to keep working. But I cannot get on SSI because there is no way I could live on what I would earn with SSI.”

Debra  LaTour,Aurora,CO,11/21/2011,

I am disabled due to a work comp injury and received a very low rating.

Kristin Alford,Campbellsville,KY,11/21/2011,

RSD patient

Sylvia Sanchez,Kalamazoo,MI,11/21/2011,

Hi my name is Sylvia and I live with RSD

Nancy Randall,Pinellas Park,FL,11/21/2011,

I fell and now will be living with CRPS/RSD for the rest of my life. The pain is real!

Libby Robinson,Forest Grove,OR,11/22/2011,

“I live with chronic pain, and no one seems to understand how much pain I’m in.  There are days I can’t get out of bed, and all I hear is “”stop being a baby, shake it off””‘

Diane Foushee,Eugene,OR,11/22/2011,

“I have chronic pain due to migraine and am currently on disability, receiving a pittance each month.”

Judy Reitz,Wellington,OH,11/22/2011,


Robin Abbott,Cordova,TN,11/22/2011,

“I have RSD. I was actually diagnosed in 1998,  I haven’t been able to work since then. Most days I hurt too much to move but stopping is not an option. We need this voice.”

Yvonne Cipperly,Norristowm,PA,11/22/2011,

I myself suffer from chronic can be debilitating at times.I do continue to work..but what if I couldn’t???

Elizabeth Rieke,San Rfael,CA,11/22/2011,

“Because I am disabled and receive disability; my friend who is worse off then I am, can no longer work, has received no help.”

Amanda Fox,DAYTON,OH,11/22/2011,

RSD is a very real and extreamly debilitating disease

James Baumgardner,Villa Hills,KY,11/22/2011,

Daughter has RSD/CRPS since 2007.

Gina Callahan,Burlington,VT,11/22/2011,

“I suffer from RSD and it took me 2 years to get my disability status because of this disabling chronic pain.  What people don’t understand is that even if you can work partially, people don’t want to hire you because of the limitation – but if you don’t tell them you lied.  This disease is not easy any which way you put it.  Unfortunately the person with the disease suffers more ways than 1.”

Cheryl Rather,Conroe,TX,11/22/2011,

I was diagnosed with RSD in 1996 and have been denied disability every time this needs to change please

Melissa Garvey,Oklahoma City,OK,11/23/2011,

My Daughter suffers from RSD and has chronic pain daily!!!

Barbara MacDonald,Flint,MI,11/23/2011,

This is such an upredictable disease! we need to show that getting the respect of disability mainly because we see many specialists.  Different docs more money!!!

“Dr Patty Verdugo, PsyD”,Pahrump,NV,11/23/2011,

Anything with pain and worker’s comp needs to be changed because the laws are archaic.

Mary L. Jindra,”Cleveland,”,OH,11/23/2011,

“To help my granddaughter’s pain, and all other people in pain”

Sara Willy,Saukville,WI,53080,United States,11/23/2011,

I have RSD due to a work comp injury.

Carol Rains,Yakima,WA,11/25/2011,

“November 1999 I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, is a chronic neurological syndrome. At first only my right knee was affected, now both of my legs, my left arm and the lower half of my face all are affected by CRPS/RSD. You can not look at me and know I am disabled, my pain and I have good days, bad days, and worse days. Nights were I’ve cried all night because of the  horrible pain. I can only sleep 2 – 4 hours a night. I battled WA State’s WC for 10 years,  had to go to an inpatient pain clinic for 6 weeks, I finally won. In 2003 I was told by a Judge I was disabled and would receive my SSD. For those of you still fighting, hang in there! Take care of YOU”

Katherine Dorohty,North Attleboro,MA,11/25/2011,

I have RSD/ CRPS  since 2006 from the violence of a client at work W/C and employers should be held  more accountable I’m still fighting them  We need HELP not a fight that last for years on end
Ron Cottrell,Manchester,NJ,08759,United States,11/25/2011,”I fought Social Security for 10 years because of Chronic Pain and was denied until I became so depresses about my pain I finally won, But not for pain… Only for being depressed about being in pain…”

Susan Downey,Bridgetown,CA,11/25/2011,

Because I have seen many suffering with no where to turn.  Look at a few cases of RSD and/or CRPS….and the level of pain that they feel each and every day….24/7….There should be adequate finances so they can at least have that one thing off their insurmountable list of pain and triggers.


I suffer from chronic pain issues

Deborah Stormer,Dayton,OH,45410,United States,11/25/2011,

“I have chronic pain from RSD.”

Samantha Adcock,Shiloh,NC,11/26/2011,

I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Tara Mandinec,BOLTON LANDING,NY,11/26/2011,

“As a spouse of CRPS sufferer who endured this “”system”” both NY workers comp and SSD there needs to be sweeping change! My family was left in financial ruin and still is from the inequality of the system in its current state.”

Lisa Lasseter,Tacoma,WA,11/26/2011,

I have RSD an cannot walk. It is a daily struggle to live! I would love nothing more then to be at work an not have to suffer the pain of RSD.

Robin Goff,Kennewick,WA,11/26/2011,

“I am signing this because I have had RSD since having elbow surgery in 2009 and not being able to return to work because of it.  I’m still waiting for my disability to be approved, and to get the benefits that I have worked so hard to get when I needed them.  Now that I need them, it seems we have to go to extremes.”

Autumn Stevens ,Harrington,DE,11/26/2011,
“I have had RSD for over 10 years, it took 5 painful years just to get a diagnosis, when I became unable to work I filed for disability , I have hundreds of pages of medical records documenting my full body RSD and have been denied disability for 5 years by two judges who are clueless about the severity of the pain experienced with RSD ,I have two children I struggle to care for financially and physically, the social security disability center also needs to be aware it’s very hard to find a knowledgeable doctor on RSD and that it often takes us years to get the diagnosis ,what mother would stop working and see her children not have things if they really could work, the ALJ in my case totally disregarded all medical documents pertaining to the RSD and substituted her own opinion for the facts. Please change the law for people like me  before it’s too late , this is my last appeal before I have to go to the federal level and that costs money I don’t have . Thank you ”

Kimberley Fox,Conover,NC,11/26/2011,

I have severe debilitating chronic pain. Things must change in our favor. Faking the pain is not an option…our doctor knows.

Cecilia Talley,McGehee,AR,11/26/2011,

Because I suffer from Chronic Pain

Jennifer Saccone,Inverness,FL,11/26/2011,

“I’m 30 with Small Fiber Peripheral Neuropathy. I may lose my disability in April because I was “”expected to improve”” when in fact, the pain is only worsening.”

Becky  Lehn,Buffalo,MN,11/26/2011,

“Was injured in 08, have been diagnosed with Rsd. Have lived in pain for 3 years and have lost almost everything because I don’t get WC or SSD. Not fair, but keep fighting to get help.”

Kathy Wilson,Canton,GA,11/26/2011,

I have Peripheral Neuropathy and already have SSD but there are many people who are unable to work and have not yet received SSD.


“I have RSD it is excruciating at times along with tremors,soars,limping,pain.I am signing to let everyone know it is unbearable and most days no relief along with depression.”

Barbara McNeil,Holiday,FL,11/26/2011,

“I have RSD/CRPS and live in Chronic Pain which makes life at times unbearable. I am disabled, find doing housework hard, but do it all the same to keep me mobile. I need enormous amounts of medications which cost us money which we can ill afford. I need help to do things, but cannot afford to employ a home help. We, who all suffer from this disease, need much more consideration & help from your Department. “

Theresa Gilson,Audubon,NJ,11/26/2011,

“It took me three years to be approved for ssdisability – because my disease does not follow the “”written”” guidelines. That was three years where I could have had treatment that would have enabled me to have a better life than living with the debilitating and constant  (24/7) pain that I experience today. I worked hard and lost EVERYTHING I ever worked for – this should not be allowed to happen!”

Kenton Hooker,11/26/2011,

“Because this should have been sorted out a long time ago, should not have to do it this way ! I am have CRPS myself and know how bad it is and wish people would hear us when we say how bad it is.”

Patricia  Bennethum,Reading,PA,11/26/2011,

Because I am a patient under Doctor’s care with CRPS.

Kim Woolsey,Jerseyville,IL,11/26/2011,

I have RSD.   The day is going to come where I will not be able to work anymore and I want to make sure I have the benefits to take care of my family.

Kevin Lough,Battle Ground,WA,11/27/2011,

These scales were developed long ago. We have since found and proven many more disabling conditions in the medical field. It is time these scales were updated.

Angel Billings,Toledo,OH,11/27/2011,

I have a 17 yr old daughter that is full body RND with internal issues.  I fear what her life will become.

Nancy Merritt-Redmond,Beacon Falls,CT,11/27/2011,

“i have lived with peripheral neuropathy for over 10 years. it has changed my life dramatically. i can no longer do the things i used too do, i have to see what the day brings before i can make any kind of plans. i work a ful time job as a nurse so i am on my feet all the time but i forge ahead as i live by myself and i am sole support for this home.”

Jennifer Hill,Pensacola,FL,2011-12-07,

“I recently got RSD/CRPS in my foot from an outpatient surgery.  I’m still trying to be a high school English teacher.  Not only can I barely walk, but the pain is so bad that I can’t put in all of the extra hours required to grade essays and create powerpoints/lessons.  When in the classroom, I’m in so much pain all the time that every little sound makes me agitated and mean – I can’t walk around the room and help my kids anymore.  I’ve become a ‘bad’ and infeffective teacher because of this condition, and the job I used to love has become torture. To teach and monitor teenagers requires a great deal of mental focus, energy, and alertness… which is not possible when it always feels like a bowling ball just got dropped on my foot.”

Dianne Benitez,Mt. Prospect,IL,2011-12-10,

My son had suffered from RSD 2 years ago.  It was so awful to watch him suffer and know that there was nothing that I could do to help him.  We are extremely lucky that he is in remission.  We pray that everyone suffering from this disease can be relieved of the pain.

Rebecca Prudhomme,North Branch,MN,2011-12-10,

“I am signing because I was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS after a work injury to my back over 15 years ago. I have had 3 back surgeries, two fusions and a disk replacement. I am waiting for approval for a spinal cord implant. Until then, I am not approved to work by my doctors and surgeon. ”


Walter Bell-Andover,MN,2011-12-22,

“I have RSD.  I was diagnosed following a total knee replacement Dec. 2008.  I had owned a very successful insurance agency for 13+ years yet had to sell due to the RSD getting worse and side affects from the medications used to treat RSD.  I was my own liability.  I have always been a determined individual taking on challenges of all sizes.  I am now 41.  My knee replacement prosthesis has a proven history (see Zimmer Nex Gen Knee for all of the info. on Google for links) which is proven defective and not functioning properly.  NO doctor will perform the necessary total knee replacement revision surgery due to how aggressive my RSD is.  The RSD has spread.  Every passing day, week and month, my knee pain is getting much worse and I am losing more range of motion.  I seek out many doctor opinions, yet they all seem to agree, they cannot operate due to the risk of my RSD wreaking havoc on my body.  I have been known to have a high tolerance to pain until RSD came into my life.
I have been married for 14 years and am a proud daddy to a toddler.  Unfortunately,
I a previous athlete as well, am not able to participate with our son with sports due to my RSD.  I love yard work, however, I am not able to ride on our tractor mower due to the pain, burning, swelling and muscle spasms I get.  Our son only knows his daddy with this disease.  He only knows daddy has a disability.  Breaks my heart every time.  Think about this if it were you. My family as have I,  has had to adapt not by choice to this new lifestyle.
I ask of you PLEASE to have the doctors that review our submissions to do as much research as possible and to not deny these SSD submissions so quickly.  I cannot stand how my life has changed due to this disease.  Think if it were you…….

Walter Bell


David Westrem,Lexington,SC,2011-12-27,

“Currently on disability for chronic fatigue. Disability continues to harass me. They are trying to deny my benefits! I have had doctors look at me & physical they say nothing is wrong. No MRI, medical charts, etc.”


Kimberly Heath,Warner Robins,GA,2012-02-04,

“I have suffered w/ this tormenting RSD disease for 8 1/2, going on 9 yrs now..mine has already progressed to the worst stage and have to have help w/ EVERYTHING..all daily living activities, incl personal care and bathing..I am only 45 and cannot walk w/o a walker w/ wheels now, a lot of medicines incl. high powered pain medicines and this is a crippling disease….I will need a wheelchair next. I cannot work, cook anymore, dress myself w/o help, take a bath, where my church shoes or any shoes really (mostly bedroom shoes), or most my clothes…the RSD causes frequent lesions on my legs that get infected and ‘weep’ fluids/blood….the tendons, nerves, blood vessels, muscles, ligaments, and bones are deteriorating  and it has spread in both legs, feet, and lower back, hips…I worked all my life till this disease set in and I didn’t ask for it…I paid my share of SS taxes….my doctor EVERY MONTH is expensive along w/ many medicines to buy…RSD affects my ability to sleep normal, I have extensive insomnia and even laying down causes NO relief….we need help, recognition, respect, and support…an income to survive on, medical insurance, and shouldn’t have to wait and fight SSA to receive benefits that we/I paid in……while I suffer, we are loosing things financially and can’t survive…my medical bills and needs are astronomical….I can’t get in or out the tub w/o help from a person, etc…..I used to enjoy life, garden, play w/ grandchildren, do activities, camp, more..can’t anymore and can never work again..this pain is worse than cancer pain on scale and crippling my legs…it is progressive and RSD can spread to middle of body also, not just limbs, and cause major complications in major organs….some people have died from that occurring…I already have HBP and coronary artery disease also, along w/ RSD in both legs….HEAR OUR PLEA!”



Emily Dunning,Kempner,TX,2012-02-05,

“I have had RSD/CRPS for a few years now and I’m just now being diagnosed… I have lost countless jobs due to my disabilities, sever migraines, depression and more medical problems.  I am constantly in the emergency room, hospital and doctors office throughout the week…it never ends!  Its impossible for me to work and I’m tired of suffering and worrying about how to make ends meet to care for my son.  He sees enough struggle with just  me and he shouldn’t have to worry about food on the table, and a home..It’s time are voices are heard and we take a stand!”


Elaine Kent,Royal Oak,MI,2012-02-06,

I have chronic pain and I now understand what people with it are facing everyday.  It really is hard to understand unless you have it.  In hopes that this petition will change things for all of us.

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  1. I have rsd in left arm and hand , fibro and 7 herniated discs in my back and neck. Just a few days ago i had a social secutity judge tell me that he agreed that i have severe impairments thay affect my ability to perform work related activities but that i could be jemployed as a telephone information clerk!!! My job interveiw would go like this……yes i can work any time you need me to except on days that my pain level won’t let me function which could be as little as 3 or as much as 5 days in the week, oh and i never know when those days are, i may come to work and bw there for an hour and lets say a fellow employee not meaning me any harm touches my arm or hand and me into fits of agony and you will have to call my usband to come get me and i probably won’t be able to return for several days and in case i forgot to mention i can’t work any of the winter months ( can’t stand the cold) or when its windy or raining or a storm is coming but other than that i can work any time. Now how many jobs am i likely to get ??? It has taken me about an hour to type this. I have given up all hope, i don” have any thing left.

  2. After getting injured at work almost two years ago, I’ve gone through two knee surgeries, the second was a total knee replacement. As soon as I regained consciousness in my hospital room, the signs of RSD were there & making it’s presence known. I’ve been struggling with this since July of 2015 ~ I completely agree with a previous comment someone made that the Worker’s Comp people & the Social Security people should all have to walk just one day in our shoes, then perhaps things would be different. The pain is bad enough to deal with, then add in the side effects of pain meds I’m on & there’s no way I could work a full-time job as the person who tested me said I could. That was another amazing thing to me ~ I did his tests & ended up crying a few times because I was in so much pain yet he said I could work 40 hours a week??? We need help! There need to be provisions for those of who want to work but aren’t able because of the RSD/CRPS pain. It’s not only physically impairing us, but also affects us mentally, emotionally….in every sense of the word we ARE DISABLED!

    1. Gail, I know exactly how you feel. When I woke up from my bunionectomy I knew something was terribly wrong immeditaley! I to suffer from RSD from that botched surgery. I have a 6.4″ scar down my foot was told by the idiot that did the surgery that was normal! No it’s not! I am a RN, BSN and had my own business as a Legal RN Consultant for 10years a normal scar is 2 to 2.5″ not my 6.4″I lost my medmal case even though he admitted to screwing it up! Its was the good of boy club that cost me my career, income, car, home, children, sister, brother and friends. I didn’t walk for 2 years. I do walk now but slowly and the pain never stops! RSD/CRPS ripps everything from a person! I got into a study that starts Feb. 1st and I am praying for remission – Oh that would be so wonderful to live painfree again! I miss my career and I was let go March 2013. My surgery was 8/31/12 and I was officially dx 12/6/12. I tried to work but the pain and trying so hard to walk i couldn’t do it. I was in an air boot for 15 months as the swelling was so great I couldn’t wear a shoe. I will add you to my prayer list. May you have more low pain days in your future.

  3. My niece died Sept. 2015 at age 45 from suffering with RSD/CRPS. She was in horrific pain for years and her pain left me crying in private for her. She went through so…. much before she was diagnosed and not believed by the doctors. They weren’t even familiar with RSD/CRPS. She ended up wheel-chair bound then could only lay flat on her back in bed 24/7. All the steroids left her bones like PUDDING according to her Drs. She then had the pins in both her feet and pins from several neck surgeries work out of her neck. This left her paralyzed from the chest down. This is just part of her problem. She had many seizures on top of this.The pain got so bad she tried to take her life but her 10 year old son ended up home sick that day and stayed home from school but she had already taken an over-dose and he found her unresponsive and the paramedics revived her. She had planned for her husband to have found her dead. She died 2 months later anyway due to her complications and also left another son that was 6 years old. Why aren’t doctors knowledgable about this condition and help get them disability? Oh, by the way, I also have many of the same problems and understand why she wanted to end her life. I just got disability and I’m following in much of the same footsteps as her. Please up-date the disability guide-lines.

  4. I too am i suffer of rsd. I have been on crutches for a year now. Ive been on all kinds of meds. Nerve block w no success. So how Will be getting spinal cord stimulator. The Chronic pain hot/Cold moments,swelling is unbearable. Not being able to work due to pain males u depressed,especially when all u know is World,but u physically canta.

  5. I’ve had CRPS for almost 3 years now. I cannot work because I cannot deal with the pain. I’m in bed most of the time. I cannot walk because it’s too painful. This disease is taking over my body. I wasn’t too be able to get disability because they say I don’t qualify. Until this happened I worked my entire life and I was active. I used to own my own business but I had to give it up due to my disability. I no longer am able to work at any job because of my pain level. The constant muscle spasms are teeth wrenching.I have memory loss and I sweat for hours at a time. Some times I have insomnia because I can’t sleep because I’m in pain and other times I sleep for days at a time because my body is exhausted from this constant pain. I can no longer take care of myself because one simple task wears me out. Could you imagine being on fire and the fire never goes out no matter how much water you put on it? That’s what my foot feels like. But my leg feels like it’s inside of the freezer but nothing i do will make the limb get removed from the freezer. I’m ice cold and fire hot at the same time. This is the most painful disease known to man. More painful than child birth without medication. Please treat us equal and give us full disability. Please update the disability guidelines for crps sufferers.

  6. I am suffering from CRPS2, for one year. I am fighting to be covered by WC, in order to get a ganglia stimulator. I have burning, pinching, cramps and bad pain; all day long. My compensation payments were stopped and I am unable to return to work.
    I deserve the treatment.

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