Are you in search of Support?

Do you have crps, and in search of support?

Have you had trouble finding a support group for Crps?
We here at Rsd/Crps Doesn’t Own Me know exactly how that feels.
Our staff all know what this is like because we all live with crps ourselves, and we know how important gaining support from others really is.

So knowing all the we began searching for a safe, non-hackable, private text and voice service for ourselves and fellow Crps patients, and even their families to find much needed support.
To become part of our support chat please check out this link and answer a few short questions.

Once approved you will get an email with directions and a link inviting you to our discord chat server.
If you have any questions please email


Life after Diagnosis

Not a single veteran of the RSD/CRPS community can say their diagnosis did not change their lives in some way. Many faces uncertainty, job loss, hobbies no longer joyful or even possible dependant on the activity.

But finding life after diagnosis, be it with CRPS, cancer, diabetes, or really anything else, can be there greatest gift we give ourselves. Can change our treatment approach and even our treatment SUCCESS.

While there will still be the bad days, the better days will grow to out number them because we have something to look forward to. Our founder loved the theater. Loved acting. Loved making people smile and laugh.

And for years she thought it was behind her after she was injured. It's been over 10 years since her injury. Is this the life she expected? No. But the life she has now is different, but still good.

Not only did she take on the challenge to create a new way to enjoy her love the theater, but to bring those smiles and laughs to others. She became a podcaster on YouTube for a game called Minecraft as RSDAngelOnFire.

She has grown a small following both here and in her new approach to get hobbies with CRPS. And like us all, she still has her up and down days which means while she's very busy making those amazing and fun videos, she is still one of us. And today is her 8 year anniversary of being RSD/CRPS Doesn't Own Me's founder.

So let's give a HUGE round of applause for Christa and her fight to live by her own advise, that there truly is life after diagnosis!

Way to go Christa!

Chat Schedule Annoucement


As some know for some time we’ve run Saturday chats (Sunday for our Aussies and Kiwi’s who come in) for a few years.

Well officially, this week we have started our split chat. Where we have 1 hour that is European friendly, and 1 hour that is Australian/New Zealand friendly. This will allow our administrators to only need to do 1 hour blocks as 2 hours has started to fatigue some of our longer standing members. Lets face it. This monster doesn’t even give us enough spoons for 2 hour chats.

So at 6 PM UK time (yes, it will fluctuate based on the UK time zone and how they deal with daylight savings times) which for us Americans will be around noon. And again at 7 PM CST to accommodate our family on the other side of the globe which also seems to be the best time for members of our current chat to pop in.

Now our chat site has also changed, so please be aware you will want to go to to join chat. The issue is that our chat now requires invitation, so you will need to fill out the form on to be added to the list. The official chats will be at those times, but the moderators always have access to this so responses may come before chat and not during the set times.

If you are considering attending, you will want to try to do this before chat time on Saturdays to avoid your request being missed.

Be Like Bill…..

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This is Bill.
Bill isn’t part of the CRPS community but he told that his Aunt had CRPS.
Instead of judging her for her sudden inability to join family functions he is empathetic.
He calls his Aunt and asks how he can help.
He asks her questions about her condition. He makes others aware of CRPS.
Bill is helping and making a change.
Please Be Like Bill!
Please share awareness of CRPS.
No Judgement! No Hate!

Just Hope!

Community Support Newsletter

RSD Angel Express Newsletter

For those who have not heard, our great friend and huge supporter A.M. Styles a started a newsletter to bring hope, laughs, and new ideas has come to the presses.

RSD Angel Express Newsletter
RSD Angel Express Newsletter

For the last 9 months, he’s been publishing his newsletter to help get some great inspiration, news, information out to the community. With his permission we have published his “RSD Angel Express” current and past 3 editions on our new page.

Some of our administrators have submitted articles for this newsletter and he has opened up the offer to others in the community to send items for future publications. Be it inspirational stories, laugh clips, events to include in the upcoming calendar, and persons you feel should be considered to be recognized as pillar of the community. At this time, these are quarterly publications so they are limited on what they can include, but we highly support his desire to bring about this great contribution and encourage you to submit your works for consideration.

If you want to submit items or be added to the delivery list when they are published, please email him or our webmaster Andre Duncan. If you do not have Facebook, please submit a message through our Contact Us with your email address and what you want us to tell him and we will pass it on as well.

Thank you again A. M. for all you do!