Disabled: Superhero in Disguise

This weekend I got to enjoy the movie Doctor Strange with my family. I have always been a major comic book nerd and when there is a Marvel or DC movie I am all over it. Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Doctor Strange was amazing but not because of the character’s … Continue reading

Holiday Cheer

Happy Holiday wishes I want to wish a Happy Holiday to the RSD family. I need to apologize to any of you who follow my Facebook posts and blogs which have become very irregular. You are probably aware that I have been busy with appointments with various specialists. Some days … Continue reading

Book Puts a Spotlight on Teen’s Struggle with CRPS & Depression

Brooklyn’s battle -A Daughter’s War with Anxiety and Depression by Kimberly Loveday. Poetry and Prose by Brooklyn Belair. Reading this book changed my outlook on depression and anxiety. I found myself lost in the pages. It was as if the author was telling my story. From the bubbly personality of … Continue reading

Unity: RSD Puzzle

Unity within the RSD community Just like the previous blog post, this is about unity. While perusing the internet support groups, I become increasingly aware of the dissonance between members. I see posts by members that resemble a childhood playground battle! “My pain is worse than YOUR pain!” Or like the boys … Continue reading