RCDOM now has Forums!

Our New Forums

We now have forums up.

You can find them here. Why did we put forums on our site you ask? Well, we went with this option after users pointed out”wall” posts to our Facebook were public and their family and friends were notified and we wanted to include our Twitter and Google Plus families.

You will find two forums, but you will not see anything in the “support” forum. Users can read and browse through posts made by registered members in the public forums without signing in.

For example, one of the posts I made, Weighted Utensils, was a topic that came up during A.M. Style’s radio show tonight. This was discussed as one of the items you can use at home to help counter act one of the conditions side effects, shaky hands, to help give them some control over their life again.

But until you sign up and are approved, you will not be able to post, reply, or see the support forum. Our reasoning is that our private venting needs to be among those who can be moderated. Though we would hope that this is used in a healthy way, we can and will address issues should they progress in a negative way against others or ones self.  Moderation will be limited as we ask you help by self managing your posts before hitting enter.

If you apply for an account, please be aware attempts to avoid data breaches are always made by administrators, but we will never intentionally share your information with anyone. Also know that approval is based on your user ID and email address having enough factors to suggest a non-automated system created the account. But there are steps on how to make sure your account is approved in your email after your first submission. Please use these steps as this helps speed up our processing time.

Otherwise, this could be a few days/weeks dependent on the administrators availability and with as there are up to 50 bots applying for access every day this can be a difficult challenge to try to NOT accidentally mistake a valid email address/user id combination from the bots. So if you do not do this step but your account is denied in error you will get another email with the form you can fill out again for us to recover your account before deletion.