And a Gold Medal for Team USA (& Pain Warriors)

Paralympics USA Gold

On September 8th, the U.S. Women’s Wheelchair Basketball team started the Rio Paralympics with a record-breaking win. And yesterday, they took their trip to Rio another step further, they also took the GOLD. With every team are individuals who excel in their particular aspect of the games. And with individual … Continue reading

CRPS and the Snowball Effect: Depression

Pixabay Public Domain

After discussion with a life long migraine sufferer, my step mom, about the snowball effect with eyes; she not only could agree, but also pointed out the direct correlation of the “Snowball effect” and depression. Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Definition of depression : a state of feeling sad : a serious medical … Continue reading

Pain Community Stuck In Another War

It’s recently come to light that pain patients aren’t just fighting a war against the US administration for our medicine, but now  Facebook Pain Groups are being targeted by Hackers. So we’re taking a moment to help educate the community. Research your websites As you notice below  in the light grey … Continue reading

Does The End Justify The Means in the CRPS Community?

Life with CRPS is Hard. It causes a range of emotions that most people would have trouble coping with, let alone someone who is sick. Why must we fight about who gets recognition about/for legislation or proclamations? We are alienated as it is and to fight about who is going … Continue reading

Breakthrough in understanding chronic pain could lead to new treatments


Chronic pain, defined as disabling pain that persists despite attempts at treatment and often without obvious cause, has become a serious challenge for health professionals. It is not surprising that someone suffering from this level of pain might become depressed, but most studies consider depression a “comorbidity” – an associated … Continue reading