Disabled: Superhero in Disguise

This weekend I got to enjoy the movie Doctor Strange with my family. I have always been a major comic book nerd and when there is a Marvel or DC movie I am all over it. Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Doctor Strange was amazing but not because of the character’s … Continue reading

CRPS: The true cost of an incident?

CRPS: How can one begin to explain chronic pain? For those who have never experienced constant chronic pain typically seen in CRPS, it is a foreign language, always just around the peripheral but never omnipresent. It serves a purpose to keep us safe, but it is never intended to stay … Continue reading

Does The End Justify The Means in the CRPS Community?

Life with CRPS is Hard. It causes a range of emotions that most people would have trouble coping with, let alone someone who is sick. Why must we fight about who gets recognition about/for legislation or proclamations? We are alienated as it is and to fight about who is going … Continue reading