Be Like Bill…..

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This is Bill.
Bill isn’t part of the CRPS community but he told that his Aunt had CRPS.
Instead of judging her for her sudden inability to join family functions he is empathetic.
He calls his Aunt and asks how he can help.
He asks her questions about her condition. He makes others aware of CRPS.
Bill is helping and making a change.
Please Be Like Bill!
Please share awareness of CRPS.
No Judgement! No Hate!

Just Hope!

Color The World Orange

Color the World Orange

Color The World Orange will be an annual event held the first Monday of November each year to spread awareness of CRPS/RSD. To spread awareness, this movement has been created to try and bring awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, also know as Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy. This will be a day for … Continue reading