Lightning Angel’s Biggest Supporter: Grover

So A. M. Styles took some time to ask our very own RSD Lightning Angel who is Grover and how did he become such an advocate for RSD/CRPS. (This interview is in his second edition of the newsletter, RSD Angels Express that went out for January 2015, which with permission it will be linked once its up online and available to the public.)

RSD Lightning Angel replied with –

Grover Support
I am the furry lovable old pal GROVER! I love someone and am very close to who has RSD. I hope to make one person smile each day and to spread awareness of this horrid and debilitating disease.

Thirty some odd years ago, which just so happens to be as long as I can remember, I just had to have the Grover in the store. Once we got home we became the inseparable duo. He even went to McDonald’s with me. He slept in my crib, my bed, my college dorm and now my adult bed with me. He was my security toy and my safe keeper.

When I was injured, the first thing I wanted was my mom and the second was Grover. He went everywhere with me! The smaller version is much more socially acceptable and easier to tote around.

When I decided to help comfort others and let them know they are not alone, what better tool could I find other than my natural security toy!

He is cute, furry and lovable. Oh and a monster too! If I had to fight the monster of RSD I decided I needed to enlist in the assistance of another superhero monster (Grover/Super Grover), and so the adventures began. Our adventures range from giggle therapy, spreading awareness, and even tips coping.

That is how the “where’s #Grover?” Catch phrase came to be!

We love are thankful for this monster and Lightning Angel‘s wonderful way to help bring us such fun antics her Grovers’ have done with her over the years.

Grover overseeing his RSD friends
Grover overseeing his RSD friends
Grover is a Jim Henson creation and owned by the Sesame Workshop.
Thank you for bringing such a great source of support for children and adults alike.

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