Our Lightning Angel

Story of the Lightning Angel

April 3, 2012 I made the bad decision to get up on a ladder without a spotter to clean my gutters! I fell with the ladder spraining the ankle I landed on and breaking the leg that got twisted with the ladder during the fall(the right leg). The pain began within days of the injury but I was assured it was normal despite my unusually high pain tolerance. Looking back it makes sense why I was through the ceiling when he would cut a cast off while normally, no one else seems phased by cutting their casts off. This went on for over a month when I finally insisted something was wrong. The scans revealed extensive blood clots in my right leg and also many large ones in both of my lungs. I was then in the ICU and they put a IVC filter to prevent more clots from going to my lungs. During my physical therapy and failure to progress it was determined by MRI that I had bone loss and changes indicating RSD. I began seeing another doctor who tried many meds, most of which I did not tolerate well, but they helped some for the time I was able to take them. I then had a nerve test done to see how the nerves looked. As I suspected by the type of pain, I have some nerve damage in that leg. We will soon see if it is reversible. That brings us to where we are now! Stubborn and determined that despite having RSD, I’m not letting RSD dictate how I live my life!


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