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For each website that exists, there are thousands of voices of readers but no submittals from those voices. Because most readers never get a chance to be heard except on forums. Well, here’s a chance to offer your own articles. If you want to write articles to be read or create an angel testimonial (about how this site has helped you or how having complex regional pain syndrome has changed your life), you can do that by emailing us or getting your account promoted by filling out the form here. (The perk of getting your account promoted is you can update your testimonial when and if things change.) If you are interested in becoming a volunteer you can fill out out the form here so that we can promote your account so you can submit your articles.

But of course, there are guidelines for creating testimonials and articles.

Our Angels Will Overcome
Our Angels Will Overcome


These are recommended to be written in anything but when you are in a negative mood. YES, this sucks sometimes, OK so more often than not. But how you feel will come out when you write about it and by your choices of words and how you phrase your sentences.

And as our President Christa has said so many times before, but the most recent need has been a while, we NEED to be supportive of one another, not cut each other down, not let the hurt make us hurt each other.

So the best way I can suggest to do this is to just write your testimonial on a day that you are feeling something positive. Be it on a day you saw a loved one graduate, be it on a low pain day, be it simply because you laughed at a movie. Because the REAL YOU, the person stuck in the broken down car of a body, will shine through in that moment.


These need to be researched and properly resourced like you would any paper you want the world to see.

Our McGill Pain Index placement
McGill Pain Index placement


Because we need to make sure we provide the best information to the world about this monster we have and insure that we don’t mislead people with old information that is out of date as that there is MUCH of it out there.


By checking the information your providing date of authorship. If there isn’t one, such as on Wikipedia, its probably best not to include it.


Then go to those references SPECIFICALLY and read that to get more information and the dates.


Well that is the ultimate question isn’t it? Ultimately when we write we need to ensure that the information  isn’t before 2000. But if you have heard it’s out dated, then I’d document that this may be out of date. It’s OK to admit some of the information might be wrong. We don’t even know for sure what causes it yet so everything we know might be wrong.


New treatments, old treatments, new research in what causes it, self experiences of treatments that include detailed references of it’s intended application and what it’s success rates are (i.e. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and what it’s success rates are and if there is potential information found may be different.), or research about what we do know about complex regional pain syndrome (i.e. the ratios of who is affected and the differences because some sites say 4 women to one man, where as other countries documentation like North Korea suggest 8 men to 1 woman.) and how it may be skewed (North Korea every man must join the military service which increases their chances of injury at a young age, along with most women are under tight social rules about interacting with people so it may be that many afflicted women were not part of the study due to this.)


Please list the resources in either APA or MLA to ensure if there is any question about the information or where you got it is documented and not plagiarized.

Submittals such as these articles are not for everyone, so you are not obligated to participate. But I know when I first learned about this, I couldn’t believe it and wanted to change our path or try to do something about this incurable, barely treatable condition. Well I have, as have the rest of the angels who helped create RSD/CRPS Doesn’t Own Me. And I know many of those who are just now finding out the name to their pain just might want to, too. So here’s an opportunity to do it and try to help add to the information we already have. And if you are not sure about submittals on your topic already being covered or information that might not be around already, you can use our search engine on the page to find previous articles and what they have written so we avoid having duplication on the website. But if there is something you can add to advance the previous article, we’ll just reference the old one in the new article to add upon it and any others like it.

And as that these are guidelines, not rules, they may fluctuate as issues arise but as long as they appear followed, anyone can post. 

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