RSD/CRPS Doesn’t Own Me’s Chat Room

This is a place where you and others can discuss RSD/CRPS related topics. Chat is officially open during listed times, but the conversations can happen at all times. But those are our key hours of when moderators try to be on.

Weekly RSD/CRPS Chat is now held in
slack 0 / 33
for 1 hour starting at 6 pm GMT & 7 pm CST.

Which means about this time everywhere else:

Saturday US noonish & European evening: 6 PM in the UK  (click the link to see what time it is there now)
US Saturday evening & Asian/Pacific region Sunday morning: 7 PM Central (click the link to see what time it is there now and when the time zone changes)

General world times can be found here

To be reminded of these times add our calendar to your list by clicking:

Please note:

We have our chat requires prior registration.

Chat access:

You can access chat a multitude of ways. No one way is better than another. Naanad has used all of them at one point.


We try to avoid swearing at each other, negative discussions publicly(sometimes we just need someone to vent to so private discussions as long as it’s agreed upon by the second party), discussing doctors names specifically, giving medical advice, selling items in chat.

Ban-able situations if warned and you don’t listen: (yes some of these have happened)

  • If you have tried it or know someone who has, you can share, but don’t tell people medicines to take or treatments to try.
  • Calling a moderator “INSERT BAD WORD(s)” for warning you the above is not appropriate and please do not do it again.
  • Trying to have people contact you about the product you take, but you also sell because it makes it cheaper. (We get it works for you but making money off your fellow pain patients is pretty tacky. But if you are willing to send free samples, that is not selling, but does get to a be gray area.)

And please remember with suicidal thoughts. While we ALL have been there, this is best kept private chats because not all people are sure or comfortable with how to handle this situation and some actually pick up those negative emotions and can become so themselves.

  • But definitely please reach out to someone you know who are willing to help privately, someone who knows you personally, a local friend or even the suicide help line. Because while we KNOW negative sides of the coin exist, it doesn’t take much for us to lose the positive grip on our lives.

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