Ask an Angel: School Age CRPS & Education


My child has had CRPS for a few  years now! It’s in the foot, ankle, and hand but really bad with pain in their ear( permanent headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and fainting)!

They’ve started taking some medicine which really improved the joint symptoms; the pain is still constantly there but it’s easier to deal with. Then they have more medicines for a stomach pain and nausea and has been on medicine for migraines for 6 weeks now.

Going to School with Chronic Illness is hard, with CRPS it’s an Ineffable Challenge.

My child copes really well with these symptoms when they are all the time but when suddenly they worse, they communicate with the teachers at school that symptoms are extra bad and most of the time they are letting her leave the lesson.

  1. As a mom, how do kids cope trying to deal with this and going to school?
  2. What can I do to work with school (who are probably going to get fed up in the end) about the need to get out of class?
    1. I get the impression that they think that as soon as my child feels a remotely sick its communicated to them. But this is not the case, as my child actually feels bad constantly and only tells them when it has progressed to the point my child’s has blurred vision and head is spinning!!

Any advice on how to help would be really appreciated!

A RSD Angel asks about the Freezes

Ask an RSD Angel
Ask an RSD Angel: freezes
Ask an RSD Angel: freezes

QUESTION: Even though I am a flame of burning heat, I also experience extreme ice (freezes), coldness in my feet and ankles. The cold hurts so much that I heat up rice bags I’ve made to warm them up or I cannot sleep until they are warm enough to allow sleep to finally come to me for a few hours (never more than 2 hours continually). Is this normal?

RSD Angel Asks: Medicine gaps

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RSD Angel Asks:

So a patient had to change their providers, but has a significant gap (at least a few more weeks) between medicine running out and their first appointment. Their having a lot of extremely unpleasant side effects.

What have you found that works for you to get by when you’re stuck in a window of time without you’re medicine?

RSD Angel Asks About Answering Questions

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Please post answers on so that people on other sites can see the answers as well (this is to avoid only Facebookers seeing the Facebook answers, the Google+ users only seeing the Google+ answers, etc).

How do you respond when people ask what’s wrong with your foot/hand/limb/whatever and why it hasn’t “healed” yet?