Board of Directors

Our board of directors is a bit unorthodox but when it comes to decision-making, we make a great team. Positions will flex and change dependent on if someone steps down. Decisions are made where the two heads of each department will address internal issues of that nature, with the president/founder (or “vice” when the president is out) will be a tie breaker if there is not a consensus.

All major decisions (including financial) will be made by the 5 (7 once the site Executive boards are formed) jointly voting, odd count wins unless voted but even then all Board members will have full visibility into the financials to make sure there is checks and balances.


Website Management

Chat Management

Volunteers Management


Executive Board

2 votes on decisions based on majority vote of board

  • Gracie Bagosy-Young –  Director of Patient Advocacy
    • Assisting volunteers and members with addressing inquires of patient nature
    • Provides community with information about available treatments
    • Lead liaison for medical community
  • Keith Addison – Director of Public Communications (Editor in Chief)
    • Manages communications and publications
    • Assists with official releases of documentation
    • Maintains website documentation and publications
  • Breanne Ramos – Director of Progressive Development (Computer and Information Systems Manager)
    • Reviews suggested ideas board of director receives and thinks are plausible
    • Gathers information from appropriate teams what steps need to be handled
    • Starts implementation processes

More positions will be opened as soon a 503c is established

Christa Whightsel our Creator, Co-Founder, and President

Christa Whightsel:  Co-Founder &  President

Andre Duncan

Andre Duncan: Idea/Suggestions Primary

Chat Moderator

Rose Ricketts: Chat Management Primary

Flora DeKock: Web Designer, Administrator, and Media Relations

Flora DeKock: Website Management Primary

Jaclyn Drexel

Jaclyn: Volunteer Management Primary

Gracie Bagosy-Young

Gracie Bagosy-Young: Director of Patient Advocacy



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