Unfortunately, we just discovered persons were posting “comments” on our pages. Pages will not alert us that you are asking for help. If there is a form on the page (such as the chat sign up on you can reach us through these.

The page comments function has now been deactivated. You may still post comments on articles such as this, but please try to keep to the topic. If you are needing to reach us there are many ways to do so but “public at” email is often times the best way to reach us.

3 Replies to “Communications”

  1. I’m at MMI according to Dr been dealing with this for almost a yr story is a nightmare wish I could share but Attorney say’s can’t say anything on internet. I just don’t know where 2 turn no therapy except 1 month back in Jan. getting worse daily & Work Comp, Dr’s, System take for ever don’t care getting worse daily told to wait for decisions which is months down the road. Something needs to be down about system it sucks.

    1. I’m giving you an invite to our chat and you can use an alias there, just don’t add your real name. Sometimes just talking with someone who understands can help greatly.

  2. I had surgery January 4th on my thumb and I’ve been dealing with CRPS since then in my hand and wrist went through nerve blocks physical therapy six months now still in pain still a lot of swelling. I don’t know where to turn to next. put my life on hold and I need some answers. Do people with CRPS because of surgery needs to get an attorney?

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