The Wings of Strength

The tough week found me back to back for about a month. I became angry at myself, the world, the flares. They took me down into a dark place that I hadn’t visited in years. My anxiety flared. My anger became worse. I began to hide from everyone.

I experienced my first “freeze”. My left leg engulfed in ice. My right leg engulfed in fire. I began to realize this is a sign of the monster getting worse. The almost falls at home or in the store. The pushing myself through my day because I wouldn’t accept what is happening. Only to find myself laying in my bed on weekends and not wanting to move.

But last night I realized that while my anger and sadness are justified as I reel from losing my old life. My new life which is full of pain is also full of strength. Because everyday I win even if I feel like I am losing. I win because I keep moving. I win because I keep getting up. I win because when I am about to fall or I do fall, I pull myself up and keep going. I win because I laugh. I win because I am alive.

We all have those Wings of Strength. Let them help carry you through the day and keep fighting my fellow Warriors!riseabove

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