Pain Community Stuck In Another War

It’s recently come to light that pain patients aren’t just fighting a war against the US administration for our medicine, but now  Facebook Pain Groups are being targeted by Hackers. So we’re taking a moment to help educate the community.

Research your websites

As you notice below  in the light grey text above is a website domain name is provided: “”. This is going to be our example to find the answers for you to help avoid infecting your fellow members of the community.

RCDOM members could be War Casualties
RCDOM members could be War Casualties

Go to a browser and use a search engine to search for “whois” which will give you this selection on google. Please note whois is all one word not two separate words.

When looking at the first link there are a few key things you want to look for. First off the website’s “header” says a fairly recent date.


Next critical piece of information is registrant information found under “Registrant country” which here it says PK. PK is short for Pakistan, NOT India (which is what the .IN in the address stands for). Finally add in the fact it was purchased late last year. The combination of the three create a trinity of warning signs to avoid. whois

Don’t share if there is red flags

Red flags are

  • hidden registrant information
  • registrants from foreign countries that don’t have English as a base language
  • sites less than a year old
  • registrants in countries other than the domain ending suggests. (.in is India .pk for Pakistan)

Please be very careful of the sites you share. As we mentioned even we were hit, so please know that this is the only way to verify if a site is safe. There is no set time frame, but I think articles like the one that got us, which were initially published the first time over a year ago suddenly reappearing on a page, is a safe bet it is not a valid website.

These sites are including viri and key logging applications. They affect both computers and phones. If you opened links, like the one we posted above, anti-virus applications MAY NOT FIND them yet as they appear to be very new. So please be VERY careful what you share and even more importantly what you open.

How to tell you’re infected

The only way I could tell I was infected was that my keyboard on my phone was responding slower than before and occasionally would open and close randomly for no reason I could explain. Sometimes until there is an issue or the virus is found by an antivirus applications like this can hide and run in the background for some time. Leaving your personal accounts vulnerable. So please if you have ANY CONCERN about what websites you’ve opened, consider carefully what you are using for antivirus software and if behaviors of your machine are not appropriate for standard use, then you may have an issue.

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