CRPS & the Snowball Effect: Sleep

When you pull a rubber band to its furthest point, what happens? It breaks. But what if our bodies are that rubber band and our pain is constantly pulling our bodies needs and our lives we try to live in, in two different directions. Eventually something will give.

And at first, it’s painfully obvious to our friends and families that live with us. Our ability to sleep is going, going, gone! But what we don’t always see, is the full impact our sleep really has on us in our every day lives before having RSD/CRPS.

On, they highlight what a lack of sleep can cause. And it isn’t a short list. As a matter of fact, a number of things we frequently refer in chat to as being part of the CRPS itself, but not only can some of the issues be blamed on the medicines we take, but many can be blamed often directly on the sleep we aren’t getting.


Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is a critical part of our bodies healing process. It helps it regulate our metabolism, helps our brain recover from all that we put it through during the day, helps our body stay stronger, and fight against the worlds many colds, flu, and viruses out there.

So if you haven’t discussed your sleeping issues with your doctor, maybe put this on your list. Because while the avalanche might start with someone yelling called CRPS in the mountains, much of the snow, is that sleep we aren’t getting.

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3 Responses to CRPS & the Snowball Effect: Sleep

  1. Nancy Hepp Gardner says:

    My son who died 2/8/15 from Stage 3 is finally getting the sleep he so desperately needed. The Friday before he died he said to me, Mother I am so tired. I just need to sleep.

    • Naanad says:

      That’s heart breaking, but I’m glad he is no longer in pain. You obviously love him and miss him so much. Our thoughts are with you.

    • Chloe says:

      That is heartbreaking! 🙁
      I’m glad he is in peace now, watching down on his wonderful mum I assume you was and are.

      Thoughts and Prayers xo

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