And a Gold Medal for Team USA (& Pain Warriors)

On September 8th, the U.S. Women’s Wheelchair Basketball team started the Rio Paralympics with a record-breaking win. And yesterday, they took their trip to Rio another step further, they also took the GOLD.

Paralympics USA Gold
USA Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team takes the GOLD

With every team are individuals who excel in their particular aspect of the games. And with individual of that team is a person who came to participate in the sport for one reason or another. And one of those who participated in this years US Women’s team this year, is Abby Dunkin, a fellow pain warrior from Texas.

Both Abby and Rachel Morris have done something that most American’s are brought up to identify as being the best of the best in their sport. They became part of an internationally recognized event and they have CRPS. Now maybe this was not what they expected to do when they grew up. But as Rachel discussed just two years ago after getting bronze in London weeks after her injury during training,

“They believe I can do something in the sport. I’m on the talent transfer for the first six months and then hopefully after the Worlds I can go through as a rower to Rio 2016.”


We will fall down, we will have challenges, but we can keep fighting to make that change in our lives. So remember these two. That they are proof when someone gives themselves a goal, they can achieve greatness. And while it takes time, effort, dedication, and most of all a great team of people supporting you for when you fall down, we can do amazing things.

Now, I may never win the gold at the Olympics, but I sure will win the gold of achieving my goals of helping support others. And that is all the winning I need.

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