What Can Make A Good Doctors Office Great?

Any patient can agree with hating long wait times, the dread of medical personnel, and the many other secret dreads, fear of needles, will keep many patients from attending the normal doctor’s office unless they are forced or are downright miserable, let alone patients dealing with advanced health issues like CRPS. So when we heard a team of doctors located on the northwest side of Chicago care greatly about easing this and want to make their experience one they won’t want to forget. We were excited to find out about them, so off to Chicago we went.

Friendly staff
Friendly staff

As you know we’re always in search of opportunities to further awareness of treatment options for our “Insiders View” series. And after meeting the staff and touring the office of The Neuroscience Center, we are delighted to say we have some excellent information as to how this doctor’s office has gone above and beyond being good, and become truly great. With an amazing staff and a patient focus perspective, what Dr. Best and Dr. Pavel’s have created is dream patient environment and made it a reality.

Kitchen with Fresh Made Meals
Kitchen with Fresh Made Meals

A few things that are so different about this office is that they utilize various devices to make patients feel more comfortable. One device that I have never heard mention of is their IR (far-infrared) light sauna. They have it for patients to use before and after the HBOT treatments to help with multiple things but especially the cool/cold feeling you have getting out. This is just the first example of why this office is full of empathetic and well educated specialists on staff. Another surprising facet to this office is all staff are encouraged to dress in informal business attire, to provide patients with less of a “medical” feel and more of a low pressure environment. And the last and surpassing all above is, after treatments, patients are welcomed into, as Christa said, “a homey kitchen where there is a huge pot of soup simmering on the stove, makes it feel more like Grandma’s.” They have a staff member dedicated to making healthy food for patients who are recovering on site.

So many factors painstakingly thought out and devoted to helping make the patients feel more at home, rather than at a doctor’s office.

The Neuro Science Center
The Neuroscience Center

Environments that are safe and secure are factors that Dr. Best thought were important so “your neighbor doesn’t know you are going to a pain specialist.” Which ultimately was a factor in why they chose the office’s current location. More times than not, you will find pain specialist’s office close to a medical park where there are plenty of other patients, causing an awkward situation exiting or entering the building when running into people you know. This office is established in an industrial park offering privacy and a comfortable safe place for treatment.

HBOT fits up to 4 Persons
HBOT fits up to 6 Persons

This office is not like the typical office where they have to refer you elsewhere for your treatments, but rather, they have established a good balance of excellent equipment, medical devices, and staff for diagnostic testing and long term treatment. They have the far-infrared saunas, two different HBOT chambers: one that can seat up to 6 people and one individual-sized incasement that is great for just taking a nap in. There is a whole room dedicated just to their patented combination therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) with simultaneous IV ketamine. Lastly they have a wonderful kitchen designed to give patients in post recovery the ability to eat and recoup before they head their own way. This ensures that not only are patients less groggy also additional time for any residual side effects from whatever treatment they had to completely show itself to the medical staff before the patient goes home.

Brain SPECT Scanner
Brain SPECT Imaging

On site is a very rare machine used for diagnostics, SPECT imaging as well as the very experienced and personable professor, Dr. Pavel, reading the brain images which both combined allow for faster results. This device allows him to go over and help pinpoint problem areas in the scans, validate patient diagnoses and co-morbidities, and assist Dr. Best in identifying the best course of action, or inaction, for your treatment at their office. The best part about this machine is it is unlike an MRI machine there is no loud banging, no vibrations, just the sound of a fan, just simple white noise. Also, for people with pacemakers and spinal cord stimulators, they will need not worry about being eliminated from this type of testing. Lastly as you can see, it is a non-enclosed machine, so there is limited need for concern of feeling trapped by the patient for those who normally need claustrophobia medications.

One of the last factors that make this office exceptionally unique, they have office hours every day of the week. We were extremely blown away by the level this office’s dedication and willingness to help those in pain. I, personally, cannot say I have ever met a doctor who filled prescriptions on the weekend, yet alone see patients every day of the week. The hours may not be full 9-5 on weekends, but a well-packed schedule can achieve great things for both the office and their patients.

Gracie Gean
Gracie Gean

All of this article and our next feature for our “Insider’s View” is thanks to our inspiration, Gracie Gean. Thank you Gracie for being a shining light through the darkness despite the fact that you were dealing with this yourself, and for being so willing to help bring awareness of new and fantastic treatments to light. And thank you Dr. Best and Dr. Pavel for allowing us such extensive access to your office, your time, and documentation. Congratulations on your remission, Gracie, and here’s to your future helping other patients find relief.

If anyone would like an idea of where they are located, here’s their Google map and details about how to locate the facility.

Below are publications about their Brain SPECT imaging, HBOT therapy and The Neuroscience Center itself. Feel free to print these out and share with your providers if you think it might help your or others in your area. This office doesn’t just treat RSD/Causalgia/CRPS, but rather an array of medical conditions involving the brain. Some of the conditions that they treat are considered “off label” and treatment resistant conditions. This is the place to go when nothing else works. Feel free to look at their sites as they have an excellent overview of  some of the conditions they have treatments for: www.neuroscience.md, www.hbot.md, & www.pathfinder.md.

Download (PDF, 2.11MB)

Download (PDF, 392KB)

Download (PDF, 377KB)

Please note: The expressed opinions are based on the writers’ personal experience with these medical professionals. There is no compensation being provided for this review, simply my reflection and facts (such as time in the medical field studying their fields of specialty) for these descriptions. Each patient may desire certain other criteria in a doctor that these doctors do not have, so please know these are simply my opinions after the time our founder and I spent with them.

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  1. I was very impressed with Dr. Best. I had emailed him on a Sunday and he had answered right away. He answered many of the questions that I had. Keep in mind, I was not a patient of his, I had only heard of his office and him. The only thing that kept me from coming in to see him is that he doesn’t take insurance. I know his staff helps with filing for reimbursement but with me not working and still fighting to get disability, it was impossible for me to do. Even though I have never been to his office, I would highly recommend him because of the genuine care and concern he had for me and for the time he took to help answer some questions to someone who wasn’t even his patient!

  2. Most people w/CRPS r unable to work, so not taking insurance is really a disservice. We have enough trouble coming up w/$ for our meds let alone trying to pay for treatments up front.

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