Superwoman: That’s me!

I am Superwoman



I feel like a superwoman, all dressed up and ready to save the world but I’ve suddenly how forgotten to fly.


In today’s society I imagine I am a modern day caped crusader, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound or even something a bit more down to earth like juggling multiple large responsibilities. 

If you ask any hero where their weakness lies, is where you start to see their cape begin to unravel. 

Everyone has their weaknesses and although Kryptonite isn’t real the Achilles Heel is ever evident in us all.

What is this Superwoman’s weakness? 

Denial of limits. Denial of being in Pain.

I do not register that I have a cap to my physical limit, until it has been spent. Suddenly, I am holding on to a large overdue notice that my rear end just cannot seem to cash.

I deny that being in pain causes me to have limits. I turn a blind eye not believing my saving others does not have an effect on my own health and well being. 

How can one save the whole world and yet lose their own soul?

It is easier said than done. It is a muck and mire that I have seen many a Pain Awareness Advocate fall victim to.


How can one overcome this Kryptonite? 

Just like Superman we must shed some light on this situation to gain strength.


When we step back and assess the situation, what used to look like a hopeless mess seems to become slightly easier to manage.


Pain doesn’t have to turn green, ooze and corrupt our lives until it is the only thing holding us back from our dreams.


It can strengthen and push us to become more than we once thought was humanly possible.


And as for my cape, well I might just keep it for a rainy day.


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