Suicide Prevention

Public service announcement regarding RSD/CRPS/Causalgia and Suicide

Please remember, when you call a Suicide Prevention line, be sure to clarify when you speak to them that the reason your calling is to help get your mind off of doing this.

As we all face this monster every hour of every day, all year long, sometimes we say things healthies can misunderstand. For example, if we say we have the means to end it (i.e. medicine or whatever) many of us are stating a fact, not making a threat. But healthies do NOT always understand that, so please be very clear if your speaking with someone other than a fellow sufferer (and even some of us are mandatory reporters from previous jobs so it’s wise to clarify to us too) if you’re having a rough time and just need to talk.

Because when a someone at these facilities think statements are made threatening suicide, they have a make a judgement call if they need to call local emergency response teams. They have to determine by your statements if you are in a moment of crisis or if your able to keep yourself safe. And unlike CRPSers, healthy persons may sound like us when they’re in a moment of crisis, whereas ours has been a lifetime. But these phone personnel don’t know what we deal with every moment of our lives. They only know this moment.

Words have power, use them to help people help understand you. Understand us.


RSD Angels are best kept on Earth. Please call if you’re feeling tempted to take an early flight away from home.

Please Note: I was notified by a friend their confidant called this line and they were committed because of their call.
I decided my best course of action to understand what happened was to research this further by calling the National Suicide Prevention line. This line routed me to a more local office based on my phone number. I talked with them & educated them on CRPS and encourage them to learn more about the “Suicide disease.” I also asked them how we need to communicate to them using phrases I’ve heard from many members of our community to identify WHAT we should say to help clarify when these phrases are not a threat, and are simply stating our life facts.

So please use words to help explain as best you can if these statements are simple facts of our “new” lives or if you’re truly needing a break from the world and the strength it gives the monster in us.

I’m pretty sure almost all of us have considered it, but the important thing is making sure we communicate properly when we’re thinking about this.  So please share this, bookmark this, make sure you can find this easily when and if you ever need to call. Because with our brain fog, the last thing we want is for you to forget/can’t find this in that moment of need for someone to help us down and they misunderstand you.

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