The Story of “Where’s #Grover?”

So if you want to know about how “Where’s Grover” came to be a part of our Lightning Angel‘s blog. Well, that is what our great friend A. M. Styles and author of the “Fighter’s Creed” asked her for the story in his second edition of his newsletter, RSD Angel Express.

Download (PDF, 251KB)

How can you submit your story or support for recognition?

If you, your community, or your support group want to be recognized in the upcoming editions, please reach out to him at his gmail account a.m.styles247 or myself at flora.langel.dekock (these are the first part before, but to avoid adding to the SPAM folder, I’m separating it out in the sentence). A. M. Styles is trying to incorporate, recognize, and help get the word out for groups all over and make this a chance for recognition for RSDers by RSDers.  So if you want to submit great sources of support you have experienced, great places who you have had for getting information, or someone who has done something big for the community you think needs to be thanked, please reach out to him.

So thank you A. M. Styles for helping clarify and give Grover’s story a chance to be in your article.

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