Ridgeland Girl Makes Resolution to Heal Rare Pain Syndrome in 2015

By Ashleigh Holland, Reporter
Courtesy of WSAV3

The New Year brings a fresh start for a little girl in the Lowcountry. Lae’l Durden has a big resolution. The 8-year-old girl was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). She hopes she can find relief through therapy, and her family is asking for support with a ‘Go fund me’ account.

Lae’l Durden looks fine from the outside. However, the slightest touch to her leg is unbearable for the third grader. It’s been tough for the usually active cheerleader and gymnast. Her wish is to feel normal again.

“It feels like someone is carving into me. It hurts a lot,” Durden says.

Durden fractured her foot, and complained of a tingling and burning feeling in her left foot, shooting up to her hip.

“I woke up from having a normal eight-year-old girl jumping up, you know eager to get to school, eager to go outside play with her friends, to a child saying that literally her leg felt like she was stepping on pins and needles and it was on fire,” Durden’s mother, Andretta Singleton, says.

Doctors Singleton CRPS is rare to children. It happens when the nervous system is damaged, usually in injuries to limbs. Simple things like getting dressed and covering up with a bed sheet can set off a painful episode.

“It was just, she would just cry, scream in pain,” Singleton says.

Desperate for her child to feel relief, but scraping to afford intense physical therapy at an Atlanta or Greenville hospital, Singleton took to ‘Go fund me’ to ask for help.

“It’s honestly, every day right now is hard,” she says. “It hurts as a parent, because I don’t know what to do.”

She has insurance, but it doesn’t cover much of Durden’s treatment.

“Right now, I think her thing is…you know, she cries a whole lot because she just wants to know why this happened to her, you know. Like I always tell her, sometimes bad things happen to good people, but we’re going to get through it, you know,” she says.

Doctors tell her there’s no cure for CRPS, but they hope enough therapy can train Durden’s body to deal with the pain.

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