Parliament is about to learn more about CRPS

08/05/13 Iain Stewart - westminster, london MP Iain Stewart

MP Iain Stewart is going to address parliament on behalf of our UK pain family.

Our sister site’s CRPS page on Google+ was recently made aware of a meeting with Iain Stewart MP by Vicotia Abbot-Flemming

Courtesy of her recent update, it sounds like MPs met with 8 sufferers together along with some of their family, partners and friends. The MP who had organised the briefing; Iain Stewart, together with the High Peak area MP; Andrew Bingham thought the best way forward was to set up an All Party Committee Group after the election in around June time.

So at her bequest, we are sharing her call out for those who are CRPS sufferers in UK to email, ring, or write to your local MP after the election and inform them of this committee group. They are going to be set up for members of all parties and would like your MP’s to contact Iain Stewart MP and let him know that they have a constituents in their area who suffers from CRPS and that they would be willing to commit to raising awareness for this condition.

So please Share and Make Aware

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