Local Manitoba Meet Up

As many know we have our chats online to help those in areas who do not have local groups but we gladly share the local support groups on our support page. One such group is asking us to “Share and Make Aware” because they have gone above and beyond to try to make their first meet up as successful as they can so we’re doing what we can.

Manitoba CRPS Meetup
Manitoba CRPS Meetup

Manitoba CRPS Meetup

Chronic pain can be very isolating, so we are trying to reach as many people with CRPS in the province as we possibly can. To this end, I’m sending this email to disability accessibility offices, professional therapeutic associations, and medical clinics, among others.

Facebook has an upcoming local group for the Manitoba CRPS Community. Because pain is so personal, the group is a closed one, but we quickly accept new members.

They have organized an evening event for people with CRPS with a presentation and discussion led by Dr. Matthew Bailly, a clinical psychologist and chronic pain specialist.

There is a public event, their first, posted for you to sign up on Facebook or add it to your calendar by clicking here: . (You shouldn’t need a google calendar to save it.) The event is on October 22, 2015 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM, at the Henderson Public Library, 1-1050 Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg. There is no charge for this event and the library is fully accessible. There is parking in the strip mall where the library is located, and it is also on a bus route.

Please pass this information on to anyone you know who has CRPS, and they offer anyone interested in the local Winnipeg area to put this poster up on a bulletin board for others to see. If you can think of someone who could pass this information on to others with CRPS, please send this email to them.

Thank you all for being such huge supporters of each other every day. It really is a hard thing we deal with and we are proud to see such great things coming from our members. If you are needing to contact the planners please contact them via their Facebook event linked above or email us so that we can provide you contact information.

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