Link between Enlarged Choroid Plexus & RSD/CRPS

A New Study out of Aalto University

In conjunction with researchers from Helsinki University Hospital and Harvard Medical School , a study has shown a surprising connection that excites us here at RCDOM.

Pain Taken Seriously
When will our pain be taken seriously, the TIME IS NOW!

Their study consisted of 12 people with CRPS and 8 people with another form of chronic pain. Upon comparing their MRI’s, there was a strong similarity in all 12 CRPS patients that the other 8 lacked:

A 21% Volume Difference in the size of their Choroid Plexus.

For those that don’t know what your choroid plexus is: it is one of the major producers of fluid in your spinal cord and around your brain. This fluid protects and cushions the central nervous system and source for maintenance of the brain. It also is a point of entry for immune cells to enter the brain, so essentially it is a nervous system cosway.

In the past we have reported about glial cells. These cells are very important in the creation and maintenance of pathological pain state. If we can find out why glial cells are malfunctioning and why these researchers have found the choroid plexus is enlarged in patients with CRPS, we may find the cause and maybe even a solution to this pain that we are feeling.

This study is definitive proof that there is a connection between brain inflammation and chronic pain, such as CRPS. It also confirms suspicions that CRPS has connection to another well known autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis has been also found to be linked to a malfunctioning choroid plexus.

This new provides a large amount of hope to a community that needs it. I hope this opens many new doors for researchers to explore.


Enlargement of choroid plexus in complex regional pain syndrome:

Additional studies of Interest:

 May 25th, 2011

MAURY M. BREECHER Glial Cells and Pain Control
50th Annual Meeting of the American Headache Society  Boston, Massachusetts June 26-29, 2008

2 Replies to “Link between Enlarged Choroid Plexus & RSD/CRPS”

  1. I was wondering if there has been a correlation found between CRPS and the choroid plexus in this study? I have had RSD/CRPS for 16 years now. It first started in one limb, moved to another limb on the same side; jumped over to the other side of the body to the other arm and then the other leg. I hope you all have a nice day

    1. The findings of the study would surely suggest there’s some correlation. That may not be the cause & that may not be the source of our cure, but ultimately it’s a good start.

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