Does The End Justify The Means in the CRPS Community?

Life with CRPS is Hard.

It causes a range of emotions that most people would have trouble coping with, let alone someone who is sick.


Why must we fight about who gets recognition about/for legislation or proclamations?

We are alienated as it is and to fight about who is going to get their name on a piece of paper, or get their name under a piece of awareness will be the death of Awareness for all people with RSD/CRPS.

We as a community need to realize that, no we will not all get along, but that doesn’t mean we cannot put aside ego, and other worldly drawbacks, and get real tangible recognition.

Why must it come down to attacking each other and/or putting them down because they did something you wanted to do. Instead of coming up beside them and saying, “Wow, I want to be a part of this too!”

Envy, Greed, and our Egos are a death warrant for awareness.

We all want awareness, we all want change, we all want A CURE!

Why waste time attacking one another and wasting precious time and energy on hurting someone who is one of the few who understands your physical pain.

In the end a piece of paper should not outweigh a HUMAN LIFE.

We all make mistakes, we all fall short of perfection. What we need to do is support and love each other without judgement, and team together against the only Enemy that matters.


How can we beat this Monster you ask?


Where in this equation, is there room for any thing negative?
I only see plus signs. Positives.

If we add negatives we will never reach the end part of this amazing Equation.

I beg of you to look inside of yourself and remember this isn’t about one person and their fight.

We fight for each and every one of us, who has ever cried due to the pain, felt alone, scared, or hopeless.

Help us dry the millions of tears, remind each other we are not alone, chase away the shadows that make us afraid, and give Hope to the Hopeless.

We can do it! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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