Dear Workman’s Compensation

Dear Workman’s Comp,

Yet another night goes by since I won my case and still my medication stays locked away in the vault called the pharmacy.

I was injured seven years ago. It wasn’t even my fault. I had to fight and prove I was really hurt. I had to go out and get a lawyer. Was forced to see multiple IMEs that had never heard of RSD/CRPS let alone how to spell it. Was told that although I am in pain I was only worth so much in your eyes. 

Everytime I called my nurse case manager I felt as if I were, in her eyes, no more than a pest. Begging and pleading for her to help me rebuild my life but instead got told I was a lazy unproductive member of society.

Yet, I trudged on.

Did what I needed to do and danced like the little puppet they wished me to be.


So I could get medication to be able to function in my pieced together hodpodge life.

What happened next?

You deemed that frivolous spending and took it away.

If my pain medication were insulin would you still treat me in the same light?

Just because I won’t die without it doesn’t mean something inside me isn’t wasting away.

Your evaluators never gazed upon me or examined my physical complaints.

Yet they saw me as a number and words on a page.

Never stopping to wonder the damage this would engage.

On a beautiful young lady of almost 28.

Did you stop to think of ripple effect?

The tear soaked pillow or the pain in my chest?

No, you cast me aside without no thought or regard on how without my medication my heart was turning hard.

The hardness in my heart is becoming a daily struggle.

I am becoming Sisyphus and I’m always falling. The rock is forever hitting me in the face. Pain coursing through my body and I wake face down on the ground.

So please take this note and know you have been served.

I’ve had enough of being a number and being unheard!

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  1. I was sent to a 3 month pain program…the pain program was told in no uncertain terms…do not treat his crps…even though yes he has it we have not accepted this under his claim…and because he has an appeal in you cannot and will not treat him…wcb it’s a beautiful thing

  2. I hear you sister! I finally walked away from the twisted bastards! As God is my witness, my AM lost his licance for Crystal Meth Amphetamine! So sad to learn the truth about our Government, Workman’s Compensation, Insurance, the Medical Profession, the law, and how they will lie, cheat, use and abuse to cover for each other. A big incestuous group!
    Workman’s comp. The pathway to disability and welfare.
    I will never go to another doctor or take another Perscription!
    Surviving RSD/CRPS Naturally šŸ™‚

  3. yes my dear…you are a splendid writer…I hope you got out your feelings…Im just so afraid the other side won’t hear you…but I pray they do! I hope you get your meds unlocked too…this just stinks huh? you really do write well… hugs sweetie

  4. Do you mind if I post this on LinkedIn? This is something HR professionals need to hear, too. I was fired from my job for having CRPS that was misdiagnosed for far, far too long.

  5. How do you determine who needs help and who does not? I was injured on the job 4 1/2 yrs. ago and yes, even with a medical file over 2 inches thick I still had to hire an attorney to get approved. I do understand the back log and having to weed out the fraudulent claims, but my friend Tim is not faking and can loose everything at anytime,
    Is there nothing you can do to help him and his family? it is so wrong that his wife is working 3 jobs just to hold on to what they have, and unfortunately she makes $100 too much to get food stamps. Please yake a look at hi file and then tell me why he has not received any help from you

  6. Workers’ Comp laws differ by state. In California, and most states, the person who handles the claim and communicates with the injured worker is a certified WC Claims Adjuster, not a Nurse Case Manager. Unless you had a stroke, traumatic brain injury, severed limb, or were rendered a para-, tetra-, or quadraplegic, all of which are classified as catastrophic injuries. The only nurses or physicians involved are part of the Utilization Review process in California and they do not directly communicate with the injured worker. Utilization Review is required in California, by an MD, and not an adjuster, by law, for any medical request for treatment by your doctor. The insurance has to pay for that outside UR to be done. It has to be done within 5 days of when the request was received by the insurance company. The real issue is that doctors asking for treatment don’t know how to ask for treatment. Sounds silly but it’s true. If a dr says I want this okayed, they have to say why. What is the reason and what is the treatment expected to result in or change. They should know why they are asking for this Rx or that one, so that shouldn’t be hard to do. They need to write the strength and quantity of the Rx too. But they don’t. They need to say why they want an MRI or CT scan, like what is being ruled out or trying to be diagnosed. If they can’t say that, why are they ordering it? But many times these Rxs happen to be what the dr has in stock in his office and can dispense without you having to go to a pharmacy. Imagine that. Or he owns a radiology facility. Hmm. You as his patient have no idea it is illegal in pretty much every state for the dr to refer you to a place he owns or dispense Rxs to you for a profit, or give you services that were not yet authorized by the insurance company. But the doctor knows. And that is what then causes extra delays because the request then becomes a retro request with 30 days, not 5, and can be denied legally just because the dr didn’t ask first. So the dr has more control over these issues than patients realize. And yes, I work for a WC insurance carrier in California, HOWEVER I am also a RSD/CRPS sufferer, from an industrial injury, dealing with doctors since 2002. It definitely is an issue with doctors trying to ignore it, or not treat it. But we have to be our own advocates and push. HARD. And getting an attorney does nothing but give part of your settlement to them. Because they usually send you to Drs who are the most clueless as to writing reports for UR purposes. In California the Information & Assistance Officer is the absolute best resource.

    1. I hear ya!I believe they make it extremely difficult to get your meds. After years of taking these meds the UR decided to stop approving them. So can’t ask for them again for period of one year. I feel out of the loop. No one even asks me(the pt) how I feel. Do I need these 4 meds that they started me on. W/C is dangerous and broken!

  7. You have just written my life story, other than I am much older than you and I have been battling this disease 2011 original injury (W/C), 2014 second injury
    (auto accident). I received lifetime medical treatment, but my pain provider is such a jerk. I am checking to see what my rights are to divorce him!!! I am right there beside you thanking you for sharing and telling my story!!

  8. Are you a government employee? Federal, State, or Local?
    Disability retirement is the better choice over Workers Comp.
    The burden of proof is only that you cannot perform the job for which you hired.
    Even private company may have some similar program.

    1. I totally agree with you. I collect a disability pension from the state. I am a retired disabled teacher due to a fall at the very school I taught in. I have had RSD for over 11yrs now. I was lucky to be able to close my WC case and be approved for SSDI quckly and at the first try (thanks to my WC lawyer). It’s really sad what some people have to go through all bc of those that choose to abuse the systems.

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