How to Cure the Monday Blues


Mondays are hard.

Weekends are short and chores are left undone. We wish the weekend could last forever. Sadly it doesn’t. We have to put back on the itchy sweater from Grandma that is Monday and trudge through our week.

How does one make it through not only as a healthy person, let alone someone with a chronic illness.

Clothes still need washing, kids fed and off to their day.

No wonder we forget tasks along the way, and maybe our own name, but the point is that Mondays are hard.

How can we make it easier?

Talk to a friend? Draw a picture or write?

What are you passionate about?

Make Monday all about doing something that puts a huge smile on your face.

Prep and prepare for Mondays that the world just feels gray and lonely. Know those days will come and that is okay.

You can get through today, tomorrow, and I promise Saturday (or your equal) will come again before you know it!

Just keep moving forward!

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