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For those who have not heard, our great friend and huge supporter A.M. Styles a started a newsletter to bring hope, laughs, and new ideas has come to the presses.

RSD Angel Express Newsletter
RSD Angel Express Newsletter

For the last 9 months, he’s been publishing his newsletter to help get some great inspiration, news, information out to the community. With his permission we have published his “RSD Angel Express” current and past 3 editions on our new page.

Some of our administrators have submitted articles for this newsletter and he has opened up the offer to others in the community to send items for future publications. Be it inspirational stories, laugh clips, events to include in the upcoming calendar, and persons you feel should be considered to be recognized as pillar of the community. At this time, these are quarterly publications so they are limited on what they can include, but we highly support his desire to bring about this great contribution and encourage you to submit your works for consideration.

If you want to submit items or be added to the delivery list when they are published, please email him or our webmaster Andre Duncan. If you do not have Facebook, please submit a message through our Contact Us with your email address and what you want us to tell him and we will pass it on as well.

Thank you again A. M. for all you do!

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  1. Id would appreciate getting a news letter in the mail if possible. If I can only get it online that’s fine too. I’ve had RSD/CRPS for 21 yrs & its getting harder everyday buy we have to fight on.

    1. I’ve forwarded your information on. Unfortunately our newsletter is in digital form only, but the positive side to this is you can zoom in and read easier than on a printed form.

    2. You have been added to the newsletter emailing list. Please add a.m.styles247@gmail to your contacts so that the newsletter will be in your inbox when it is sent out. Sorry it is only digital as stated by Naanad. Not sure if you have a printer at home to where you can print it out for yourself. At this time we are not able to send out printed versions of the newsletter because of the cost associated with sending mail.

  2. Hi I have had CRPS for two years now from an injury at work. Life has changed that’s for sure. I do feel alone at times misunderstood but I am blessed to have my husband my dog and my family. But its so hard to explain what I go through. So I thought this would be worth a shot to talk to people who know how it really really feels and share our hopes what helps and just be there for one another. I have a page on Google plus called CRPS/RSD look me up and let’s all pull together for a cure and share what works and what helps us get by. Hope is my motto. Never give up!

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