A RSD Angel asks about the Freezes

Ask an RSD Angel: freezes
Ask an RSD Angel: freezes

QUESTION: Even though I am a flame of burning heat, I also experience extreme ice (freezes), coldness in my feet and ankles. The cold hurts so much that I heat up rice bags I’ve made to warm them up or I cannot sleep until they are warm enough to allow sleep to finally come to me for a few hours (never more than 2 hours continually). Is this normal?

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  1. I swear the freezes I get were far more horrific than the burns. That’s why even now in remission I sleep with a heated blanket on my bed. For fear of being cold like that again is a personal nightmare.

    You’re definitely not alone.

      1. Thanks. I tried it for the first 9 months when I was doing the hot/cold therapy thing every single day. Then I moved to the paraffin bath/ice pack for another year. Bright blessings to you!

  2. The freezes are definitely the worst. I have a tendency to get them while at work. I’ve found that a heating pad helps a lot. It doesn’t have to be in the highest setting..medium works just fine.

    1. I know even at the hottest setting sometimes I can’t feel my legs, so I try to set it at medium too, extend the life of the blanket, while still getting warmth to encourage more blood flow.

      (I killed my first two in a year each and didn’t get much relief on high)

  3. I to get freezing cold in my legs and back. I go through a heating pad and heated blanket every year. Been going through this for 15 years now. I have a heated jacuzzi bath that I soak in also. The season change from winter to spring and from summer to fall are the worst. But they are my busiest times of years so I have to keep moving.

  4. Hey! What I do is taking a sleeping pill! Without it I don’t know what will I do to get some sleep and rest! But when I’m in excruciating pain I use heat! Helps!!

  5. I get the most horrific pains if I move from cold to hot and vice versa,I think I am going mad.My hands always burn but the doctor says I wouldn’t have been given a second operation if
    my CRPS had been active.I am so confused,do I have it?Is it in remission?If so will it come back??

  6. There is a clinical trial for CRPS in middleburg heights Ohio at North Star medical research . I just had the four infusions . I have CRPS in my legs.

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