Welcome to RCDOM

For years we have been shortening the site to RCDOM or RSD (CRPS) DOM. Well now it’s official. Our new website address is http://www.rcdom.org.

The original website home address, www.rcdom.org will continue to work, as will our temporary address RCDOM.info which was for mitigating our wonderful articles. But any of the sub links, such as the chat, will not work with the new site.

But it’s time so RCDOM.org is officially live!

With it will come some new options at the request of some very well spoken concerns. Anonymity is simply not possible for Facebook posts on our page. So to provide it we used to have to have you email it in and then it would take time to post based in when our volunteers would have time to dig through and copy and paste your messages to our followers.

Now with the new site, we’re finalizing the option to allow you to submit you’re posts to the site with a simple title that you want it anonymous. Then our volunteer editors and site administrators will simply change it to have RSD Angel as the author, and you’re post can be published.

Also, as we have more and more followers, we want to make sure that we don’t fall behind in assisting you. So that being said, those who are interested in becoming volunteer editors, chat managers, and the many other niches that will need to be filled as we grow will soon be able to help. We’ll be opening up a way to submit your names and skills for these opportunities as well as a way for you to submit you’re ideas off how were can grow for consideration.

It’s not an easy job with most of us afflicted with this monster. But as a team, we’ll make it through the rough times, together!

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