We Lost Another

Today we lost another member of the society

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Suicide Doesn’t End Our Pain, It is just Transferered

I sit here in a daze as I get the news this morning that we lost another Brother in the fight.
This loss, each loss, effects me deeply. 
Life is so very fragile. 
The path we walk can be pin point narrow at times. We are all going through something the normal populous is unable to grasp. 
No matter what has happened on our journeys, we are here now. Each one of you are here, in this moment, with me as I write this. 
You are not alone. Never alone. 
Don’t believe the voice in your head that says other wise, because it is not true. 
Reach out – my hand is there. Many, many other hands reach out to you. 
Please, take a leap of faith – reach out and hold on. 
Sadly, we cannot walk this path for you. But we are here. We know the pain rages, aches, burns, and consumes our bodies. 
We know how frustrating it is to wake up in the morning unsure if it is worth it to crawl from the covers. 
But the support we gain here, from people like you, is what makes every minute of every day worth it! 
We put our faith in the fact that no matter what, we can always find someone that will support us through a current storm. 
We have solid faith that we will overcome, that through hard work, team work, we can make the world aware of our disease! 
We have even more faith that we can make the world care about what is going on in our lives, in our bodies. 
First, we must overcome the grief, the loss of dreams we once held and the longing for normal life. 
Yes, we want it back, but we must come to grips, that it may not happen for a while. 
It is a goal to be achieved. A goal that may morph into something greater than what we expected. 
We must live! And live Abundantly! Live with Love! 
We must break the pull of hopelessness. We are the only ones who know what is raging inside. 
We must put aside all the noise of doubt that may hold us back and rise above it. This is not a game! 
This is not a competition. This is a steady march up an incline of unimaginable grade. 
The ONLY way we will make it up this hill is together. Here lies the question! 
Who will join us!?! Who will reach out, hold hands and unite against CRPS? 
Heads held high, hands and arms tightly clasped as we march forward into battle! 
We are ready to take the first step…. Will you join us?

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