Judy Halas

Hello, My name is Judy Halas. I am a 49 year old woman who has been afflicted with CRPS/RSD for seven years now . I developed this neurological pain disorder from an injury I sustained at my nursing job. Let me tell you what it’s like to switch roles from a nurse to a patient. It is probably one of the most enlightening experiences I have ever had, besides motherhood that is. I lost total control of myself. The pain was so excruciating that I had wanted to end my life at different times throughout this five year battle. I underwent ever known treatment and therapy that I could get my hands on to try and halt or reverse this horrible disorder. I was only able to make small advances and not one thing really worked well for me or lasted very long. My spirit began to fade. I had lost my ability to think clearly and independently due to the medications I had to take. I lost the will to keep a positive attitude and push on. I had to give up my 20 year nursing career and again I lost part of myself. I’d like to tell you what I have gained ! I have gained a sense that I am not any less of a person now because I am disabled. I have gained so many great RSD angels in my Life. I met Christa, one of our page founders through a support website for CRPS. It really changed my life. I finally took a long look at all the young people afflicted with this disease and saw how they had learned to overcome and endure the pain. I grew stronger by listening and understanding their intense will to not give in or give up. I learned that this disease does not define me. I am still a strong, loving and giving person despite my handicaps. I walk with a limp, slower and not as far. I sit longer and not as comfortable. I have had to change nearly every aspect of my life because of RSD/CRPS.

I have seen what it is liked to be looked at strangely for parking in a handicapped spot because I don’t look sick or handicapped. I know what it is like now to be judged by your peers and family for not measuring up. I have the new found knowledge of how to be even more empathetic and more accepting than I was prior to this change in my life. I have learned that my own feelings and my pain is my own . I can’t expect the rest of the world to understand what is is like to live in my body for a single minute. I have joined forces with these wonderful founders and administrators of this site to make others more aware of RSD/CRPS . In hopes that one day we can find a cure so no one else has to suffer . I don’t want to have to tell people what I have and see their blank stares because they have never heard of this before. I don’t want to have to teach my therapists, doctors or caregivers how best to treat me. I want them to know this already! I would like to take this opportunity to thank my loving husband and CRPS family for helping me push through my pain and find “positive lights” in my life.

Administrator, Retired Nurse, and Support Advocate

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