The Fear of Tomorrow


The Fear of Tomorrow can hold us back from so very much.

The Journey into Tomorrow

I know in my own life I fear if I will never be able to make it through another tomorrow, let alone make it through today. With every step we take the pain seems to flame up and lick the very essence of our being.

It is so hard to choose to make that next step.

We have to find our own personal reasons to make that next step into tomorrow worth the pain.
For me my strength comes from my family. I want to see my 4 year old nieces grow up and become the amazing strong women that I know they are destined to be.
I want to see my husband, who just recently entered the medical field by going back to School, finish and flourish in his chosen profession. I want to live a million tomorrows with him and see what they have to give.
The same goes for my parents, as they age and they reach their golden years I want to be there to support them through their changes, and share with them and empathize with their fears of growing old.

These are things I know I would miss if I didn’t put one foot in front of the other towards tomorrow.

This fear of failure is rooted deep down in each of us. It is almost a primal instinct, failure in the past could have meant death for those traveling along a dark and treacherous road, alone.

Lucky for us we are not traveling this road alone. There are thousands of members on the Facebook page and more joining daily.
Thousands of people who are looking for answers, looking for confirmation that they are not crazy.

You are surrounded by people who have stood where you have stood, felt the pain and anguish you have. They have felt the judgement and hurt that comes with the non-belief of others.

We cannot promise that we can take away your pain, but we can promise that no matter what comes your way you will always have a place to go and find strength.

You are among friends here now and forever

Christa Whightsel
Founder of RSD/CRPS Doesn’t Own Me

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