Unity: RSD Puzzle

Unity within the RSD community

Just like the previous blog post, this is about unity. While perusing the internet support groups, I become increasingly aware of the dissonance between members. I see posts by members that resemble a childhood playground battle! “My pain is worse than YOUR pain!” Or like the boys in high school sizing each other up in the locker room. “I could take him any day!”


henry ford quote puzzle

Coming together is a beginning.

  Keeping together is progress.

  Working together is success.”

~Henry Ford


Alone we can do so little;

 together we can do so much.

~Hellen Keller

In my humble opinion, WHO CARES?!?!?!?!? A pain scale is subjective information. When medical staff holds out that card to rate your pain, they ask where YOU rate your pain. Explaining 0 is no pain at all while 10 is the most intolerable pain imaginable. We (the patients) rate our pain based on our previous experiences with pain. I can tell you with 100% certainty that before RSD, my definition of an 8 is probably what I consider a 2 now. It is also impossible to compare my pain to your pain or anyone else’s pain. The pain scale is subjective. According to the dictionary the definition of subjective is 1. existing in the mind; belonging to the thinking subject rather than to the object of thought. Let’s make this clear; the pain is a real and the scale on which we rate that pain is what is subjective. Therefore, the ratings are based on the memories of the person rating it. Regardless, if my pain rating is 10 your rating may give that same level of pain a 5 on your scale. For a person to rate their pain a 10 means that they are coping the same as anyone else rating their pain at 10 (in each instance these people feel that it is their worst imaginable pain). Most importantly, standing together to help each other cope with pain remains our goal in the RSD community! Stand by each other in unity!

Additionally, people post complaints about not getting support from other RSDers. I see harsh words exchanged complaining that some people are not carrying their own weight! As we all know, RSD affects the body’s ability to cope. I find it hard to understand how a fellow RSDer can accuse others of not “pulling their weight” or “moaning and whining and not being willing to do anything about it.” How can someone who experiences the extreme fatigue and pain throw accusations about others with no regard for what is happening in their life. Malicious words fly without the author even trying to put themselves in or even understand the situation of the fellow support group member, forgetting that this person too is afflicted with this monster! The support groups are there for that reason, SUPPORT. This malicious behavior tears members of different groups apart. We all have an illness, experience pain and isolation and try to cope with new limitations. We are the support and the ones who understand and commiserate. There are no excuses that condone treating your fellow RSDer badly. I will not give any more attention to these 2 year old temper tantrums!

The entire RSD community needs UNITY. There should be no concern of who gets credit. There should be no preference of where we start or who to start with. The united community needs to begin educating. Educate ANYONE who is willing to listen. Don’t waste your time on people who are ignorant and not willing to be open to the possibility of learning something new. Utilize your energy educating people both in the medical field as well as people you meet in everyday life. Surprisingly, this key person will take the information you give to inform masses of people you never imagined possible. If we selflessly educate for the right reasons, we will succeed! Let’s put away ulterior motives; educate everyone, we cannot exclude certain populations because that takes away from our united front. This means we need to educate about men, women, adults, children, every ethnicity, military and non-military. In the end, the information will get out to the people. WHY SHOULD ANYONE SUFFER! WOULD YOU REALLY WISH THE PAIN TO PERSIST IN ANYONE?!?!?

We all have our individual demons, trials and weaknesses. However, we also each have a strength! RSDers in unitt can use our strengths to further the cause. We will keep our individuality but still unite as one body! It is possible! Let’s show the world!

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