The Superhero Within

April 13, 2013


“You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.”This is one of those Facebook picture and quote combos that not only caught my eye because of the thunderstorm cloud behind it, but also because it resonates with RSD/CRPS survivors! The billowing cloud in the ominous sky as it approaches can be an awe inspiring sight possibly triggering fear for some people in its path. Thunderstorms, well known for their power and strength to overpower anything in its path, are both beautiful and intimidating. This raw power has the potential to devastate all in its path. This metaphor should inspire you to show the unbridled strength residing within all that you do, not to “steam roll” over those people who cross your path. Harness the strength from deep within, helping you see that ANYTHING you put your mind to can be accomplished. We need to remember that when removing the “im” from the word impossible you are left with possible. By changing the way you look at the word you open yourself up to endless possibilities, all of which are attainable.

A wise person once told me “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Well if that’s the case, we [RSDers] must all be superheroes by now… Right?” Who is your superhero? Now is the time to channel that inner super power that we all possess, regardless of which super power it is! Use that channeled power to overcome our daily struggles and incorporate pieces of our “pre-RSD” life into our “new” life. This incorporation will be an ongoing process forever changing. Learning early in your diagnosis how to “roll with the punches” and get back up and try again is an integral part of coping. Remember, the only person who has never failed at anything is the person who has not tried. Do not allow yourself to be a person afraid to live or reluctant to try because of an unrelenting fear of failure. People who suffer with RSD need to be cognizant of their limitations; strive to live a full life and know your limits when trying something new. Show your strength and be an inspiration to others as you shine like a bright beacon of light. Remind the people around you that they too have the light somewhere within themselves! They will see that they have the ability to harness their inner superhero, RSD or not. The potential of your individual reach is endless. Start now! Inspire others! Make a difference! Find the purpose in your life again! We are all here for a reason, we may not understand it yet but it will be revealed when the time is right! Shine bright and inspire everyone who comes into your life!

Posted by RSD Lightning Angel.