Support of International Community: Why Do We Need It?

In the 6 years I have been a part of the CRPS Universe I have watched it grow. When I started there was little to no support or accessible information about CRPS for the community.
I do not know who started it and I don’t think it is very important, but there was a revolution of Information.
The Great Awareness Boom.


I saw it the First time On Twitter. There was a small community that I became amazingly close to and it helped me get out of my rut, and also turned me on to the desperate need for support and information that patients could understand. People needed help and they needed someone to just understand.
Twitter was alive with people tweeting daily about the good, the bad, and the ugly of CRPS. Truth and Facts were shared and people started to grow a knowledge bank faster than ever.
I felt this need to have a place to go….almost a safe haven.
Even though I am based in the United States, International Awareness is something I have always strived for. This attracted me to befriend more than just US Patients but those outside the United States.
People like Mahndi from South Africa who is striving to spread awareness in his area. He works hard to bring awareness to a country that is still behind when it comes to Pain. Or Kylee from New Zealand who can’t help but make everyone she meets joyful. Whether it is her infectious smile, or her innate ability to never give up, she is an inspiration!  Then there is Jona from Iceland who can always find a positive in everything that comes her way. She works to make not only her community a better place but the world outside her home borders.
These are real people who work tirelessly every day to spread awareness about CRPS/RSD. This is how the world will learn about what we are going through and they all Use Word of mouth. These people have real stories and little bit by little bit they are spreading it through their society.
When I am approached by people outside the United States who complain that no one knows about CRPS in their town, I point to people like the ones I noted before.
If there is a lack of education or awareness in your area, it is up to us to educate the area around us.
We cannot allow it just to go by the way side. There is an International Network of amazing ideas, support and awareness out there, if you only reach out. Don’t allow doubt to stop you from using these tools in order to grow your community. The more you search and grow the more people you will find that are looking for the same thing.
CRPS knows no race, creed, religion, social status, or any form of Alignment. We shouldn’t either.
If there is someone with CRPS you are a part of an International family that is amazing!
The hearts that belong in this group beat to the same drum. We all want this pain to end.
We don’t want anyone else to deal with this pain and we all work hard to teach the world in the hopes that future patients will get diagnosed all the sooner and get on the right treatments that cause them to go into remission.
This community has thousands of Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, and Brothers. You do not have to be alone, because once you become a part of this community and you walk in with open arms, you will never leave unhappy.
Ulterior motives or negativity can be left at the door, because I promise your true motives will be sniffed out and torn apart. This community wants nothing to do with it. This isn’t about personal pride but this is about a support that uplifts and heals and Communication that lends itself to the power of hope.
Join this community; Support and Uplift and I promise you that you will never be disappointed.
Join a support group today, international, national, in person, or online.
Long Live Support!

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