Holiday Cheer

Happy Holiday wishes

I want to wish a Happy Holiday to the RSD family. I need to apologize to any of you who follow my Facebook posts and blogs which have become very irregular. You are probably aware that I have been busy with appointments with various specialists. Some days I have to check to make sure I have not turned into Raggedy Ann. My posts have been more sporadic as I get passed from specialist to specialist for more testing in an attempt for the doctors to give me a diagnosis they understand and can treat. At this point I am still unable to find a doctor specializing in RSD to treat me. I have to find new doctors to replace those that no longer want to treat me. A new round of tests begin when I find a new doctor. This last month I became so ill that my mother was not only taking care of me 24 hours a day, but she also had to provide transportation to the 40 hours a week of doctors appointments. I feel like she got a glimpse of what it is like to be in my shoes! I have now added guilt to my list of complaints, now I was robbing her of her independent life too! I remain with my caregivers (parents) as I do my best to successfully make it through this holiday season and have enjoyable memories to look back on. I have decided to use the next few weeks to let my body rest and recover from the constant bombardment of tests and treatments that have been hurled at my poor abused body in the past few weeks. It is my hope that during this holiday season my body will calm down and heal some of its wounds. With rest and recovery I will hopefully be able to communicate more effectively. I am planning to try to keep active; I do not want to lose the progress I have made but I need to remember to appropriately pace myself. 

We come from many backgrounds and have many different ways we celebrate the holiday traditions that we partake in. We need to take a break to care for ourselves so we can enjoy these times and traditions we share with friends and family. Our body needs this quiet time to rest and recover. This can be difficult because family members that do not always know what RSD does to us and are unable to relate with us. You need to make yourself a priority! Make sure that the preparations you make will allow you to enjoy this holiday time with those you love. When you go visiting prepare an “emergency bag” that has your essentials. This survival kit may include medications, iPod, ear plugs, a specific blanket or whatever you need for you. If you are traveling with medication remember to use a lock on the zipper, especially if you are going to be visiting people with children and pets. Keep your drugs locked at all times, you do not want an accident to happen because a curious pet or child thought it was candy. If you are traveling make sure you pack at least 1 week of medication in your carry on. Lost medicines equals increased stress levels.



I am wishing you the strength you need to have the holiday that will fulfill your childhood dreams. I am praying that our army of angels will help lift you to your feet when your wings are having trouble to fly. May you and your families enjoy a safe and joyous Christmas and New Year.