Focus on heroism instead of terror!

April 20, 2013


Reflecting on the recent events around me, I have been close to tears on numerous occasions. We all know life throws us curve balls. With that approaching pitch we are faced with a few options:


1. Strike out
2. Catch the ball and throw it back
3. Get hit by the pitch
4. Hit it out of the ball park, Grand slam style as if you are playing in the College World Series in the bottom of the 9th inning of a tied game and going for the championship!


These curve balls may take the form of a disagreement between friends/family, losing a job/insurance, the tragedy on 9/11, a diagnosis of a chronic illness, the tragedy and heroism at the Boston marathon and even the explosion in a small town like West, TX. In all of these situations, the key to overcoming each event is united support! The emotional response invoked stems from this overwhelming support of the communities that are involved.

After 9/11, the country came together as one united front to support ALL who were both directly and indirectly affected. At the Boston Red Sox and Yankees baseball game in 2011, Boston honored New York by singing “New York, New York” at the game. More recently, the New York Yankees returned the gesture showing support after the Boston Marathon by singing Red Sox song “Sweet Caroline.” Breaking down barriers between fans of the individual teams is a gesture saying “we stand united and are behind you in this difficult time.” Again, in the world of sports, Americans showed their united support after the situation in Boston. Before the Boston hockey game, during the singing of the National Anthem, the singer lowered the microphone and the crowd sang out in full voices. Seeing video of that National Anthem touches my heart seeing the power in numbers and united support.

If anyone is a college football fan, at the Nebraska Red and White Scrimmage, the pediatric cancer patient Jack Hoffman was given the football and ran it for a touchdown. I would be surprised if anyone missed the touchdown run as it made both local national news! From the day Husker Rex Burkhead met Jack, the Nebraska Cornhusker player treated Jack as if it was his little brother. The bond the team developed with this young boy echoed through out the Nebraska community, spreading across America and even around the world. Team Jack has shirts supporting the Huskers and Team Jack sprinkled around the world as evidenced by the many messages and pictures on his Facebook page. It is breathtaking seeing how a community united can make a difference, not only in the Hoffman’s life but also the lives of people around the world who have been inspired by the strength of this united front.

Finally, seeing a community like West, TX come together to support each other is touching. The firemen in this community are volunteer firemen and people who were evacuated returned after taking their children to safety in order to help those still in the danger zone. This community is so close that they don’t even think twice about risking their own life to save their neighbor. Having been to West on many occasions, I can say without a doubt that the people here are some of the most polite and caring people I have had contact with. Fire Departments from surrounding communities responded with other Emergency Personnel to assist. One more example that when we unite in our battle, we are stronger!

I hope that the RSD/CRPS community can reflect on the events of the past to see that if we look past our differences, we can overcome even the worst tragedies. My wish is that we, the RSD/CRPS community, don’t need to have a tragic event to pull us all together as a united front. We can accomplish anything if we work together.

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