Book Puts a Spotlight on Teen’s Struggle with CRPS & Depression

Brooklyn’s battle -A Daughter’s War with Anxiety and Depression

by Kimberly Loveday.
Poetry and Prose by Brooklyn Belair.

Reading this book changed my outlook on depression and anxiety. I found myself lost in the pages. It was as if the author was telling my story. From the bubbly personality of the poet and down to the very battle she now wages.

The author speaks of the stigma and taboo of depression and anxiety.  Adults can’t seem to put a handle on these conditions so it is harder to fathom a child or a teenager going through it all. I cannot think of one life that hasn’t been touched by depressing or sad times. This disease called depression eats at our very core leaving us, in some ways, less than what we started with, and causing a battle to get help.

This book is full of heartfelt poetry written by the author’s daughter. It is truly inspiring!  I had a difficult time believing that this amazing prose was written by a youngster. Her heart seems to flow straight into each word, telling an underlying story. A story that is so relatable to both young and old.

The author speaks of the tragic deaths of three teens, by their own hands. It was a complete wake up call to the seriousness of this condition. That so many children in such a small town all fought this monster. Then comes the kicker that we all can relate to hear at  RSD/CRPS Doesn’t Own Me. Brooklyn has CRPS.
The book goes through life lessons and trials that Brooklyn and even the Author herself have been through, giving a great narrative lesson of overcoming and fighting “Inner Demons.”

This book could have been one of woe and complaint to the hand that authors had been dealt, but it truthfully isn’t that at all!! I have had this book for months now, and I am finding myself picking it up on my dark days, to remind me of the light. The stories from Brooklyn and Kimberly’s life are heartwarming and as well as healing. A real 21st century look down the proverbial microscope that is our own society.

I would like to thank the author for this amazing work and a special thank you to Brooklyn.

Thank you for never giving up, never giving in! Even though we walk through fire 24/7 365 days a year you continue to be an inspiration to thousands! I know, she is an inspiration to me.

I will leave you with a quote from a song that which is shared with in the book.
” This is not your legacy. This is not your destiny. Yesterday does not define you!”
– Matthew West “Family Tree”

You can buy “Brooklyn’s Battle: A Daughter’s war with Anxiety and Depression” at  Or Anywhere Books are sold.


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