Posted by Tammy Warnol Broselow on Saturday, July 9, 2011
Hi to all of you as I am going to do my best in giving you information on various insurance help and information.  Please feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer them and/or research it for you.  I worked many years as a Medical Insurance Specialist and for a variety of doctors including Pain Management which became my specialty as I was diagnosed with RSD in 1995.  I will start with some clarifications of different insurance and money help for the various companies. I will also do my best to give you web sites you can go to for further information to each statement I make.  Please note this is just information and it is your decision how to follow up or do which you chose is best for you.
Social Security Disability, SSD is for those of you who have worked and paid into the system. You must meet qualifications of certain amounts of time paid into the system to obtain SSD. You must file first on your own. Most of you especially of younger ages will more than likely be denied the first go around and especially with our governments financial situation. My recommendation is after you get that denial to get an attorney right away! It is your right to obtain an attorney and they are the ones that will help you get your SSD. Look for a local attorney who will only accept payment if you win. They will get a portion of your lump sum which when you win you are paid back to the date of original file which is a large sum usually. It also helps you to have and keep all records and radiology or other testing for your records and can save you some time and money to take them with you to your first appointment with an attorney as this can save you time and money. If you chose to do this without an attorney you are more likely to be denied. There is a time limit of 1 year to file for SSD and you must not work during this time. I know it can be hard as I myself had to fight for 1 year for my SSD benefits. You can also apply for SSD after your Workers Compensation starts paying you or is settled. After you are approved for SSD it takes 2 years for Medicare to kick in. Also apply for SSI at the same time things to depend on how much you made during your work time and payment they will pay out. I myself make too much from my SSD to qualify for SSI.
Social Security Income, SSI is for those who have NOT worked or receive such a small amount from SSD that you may qualify for SSI also. SSI does vary according to the State you live in.  Different states pay more others less. You may qualify for this help for a child you have under your care when you do not have enough funds to help pay for everything. It all depends on income coming into your household as a whole. If you need medical help you should qualify for State Medicaid/Medical.
Social Services, SS is another line of help in all states.  This is for immediate help only. You can get medical help indefinitely depending on household income as a whole but is free insurance and medication help. Most states use this through their county facilities. To find the information type in your URL for Social Services and the state you live in.  For example I would type Social Services Nevada. They also have other help for you like help with your rent and utilities. SS works off of government grants which come in frequently and you must ask about when they will receive more funds if they say there are none available as they will not offer the information.
I hope this is a start to help for some of you and will be working on additional Insurance information and help. Please remember I am doing this for information to help you and in the end it is your decision how and what help you obtain.

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