RSD/CRPS Awareness Month

Posted by Christa Azbell on Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello RSD Angels!

Tuesday November 1st is the beginning of RSD/CRPS Awareness Month.


This month is very important.


You may be asking yourself why is it important and why does it matter?

Remember back when you first found out you had RSD?

For a lot of you it it probably went a little like this:

Doctor/Medical Professional: “You have RSD….”

You: RSD? What is the World is that?”


Imagine if just by spreading awareness this wouldn’t happen to someone in the future. Imagine if they had found out day one that they had it? Imagine if the Doctor’s were aware of the early actions that help progress into remission?


Imagine one day having a cure!


How can you spread awareness?

This month we will be sharing RSD/CRPS Facts and Articles that help spread awareness. You can share these article and talk to your family and friends which is a great place to start. Ignorance isn’t bliss, and yes it will be the hardest thing you will ever had to do, but trust me it is worth the hard work even if it doesn’t work.

Also we are asking everyone to please post a picture that is related to RSD/CRPS such as these…..




One Idea we also had was each day of the month of November as your status, post 5 things about yourself that you are proud of. It can be anything. Little or small. Even if it is sitting up to get on the computer, that is amazing cause it allowed you to join us here today!


Another Idea that we had was this…..



Our Founder has been seeing people doing these “We are the 99%” posters. It sparked an idea to post pictures next to poster boards of things who make us…Us. The world may label us “Disabled”,”Handicapped”,”Insane”, “Needy”, or a number of different stamps that the world makes. Let us show the world the things we are made of and what is about us that we are proud of. State the facts and do not hide it.

The Picture is by one of our Founders, Christa Whightsel and it states as follows….

“I am Christa Whightsel.

I live with pain 24/7 365.

I am a Wife,  Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Caretaker, Founder, Friend, Dreamer, Artist, Baker, Creative, Outgoing, Loving, Hopeful, A Christian, Generous, Funny, Joyful, Loving, Confident, and Talented!

I am an RSD Angel!

Ask About Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Today!

RSD/CRPS Awareness Month”


We now challenge each and everyone of you to not be afraid. Spread Awareness World Wide. You have nothing to lose. If people want to judge and choose not to understand, then move on. Find the people that do care. It may be hard but you deserve love. You are an amazing, courageous Human Being, and don’t allow yourself to believe you are anything less then amazing.


Now I end with this. If you got nothing till now walk away with this. There is life after Diagnosis, and this is only the beginning of an amazing new journey. You only have to start it!


Love and Gentle Hugs,

The RSD/CRPS Doesn’t Own Me Staff.

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