Posted by Christa Whightsel on Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My dearest of RSD Angels.

It has come to our attention that yet again there is an abundance of argument, slander, gossip, and general hate against each other within the RSD Angel Community.

We wrote a note similar to this one back in Feb. of 2010 and again a couple years later we are having to write the same exact thing.

When we made this Awareness Group and Fan Page we never would have believed we would hear that our wonderful Angels were fighting among themselves.

We deal with horrific pain everyday. Wouldn’t we want happiness in our life? You are the only one that can control what you say and do!

We hoped not to have to write a note about this topic, again. But apparently some people need to be reminded that WE ARE ALL in horrid gut wrenching searing pain 24/7.

When you are an RSD Angel you need to think of all of the RSD Angels. We are fighting for each and every one of us to someday have a cure. Not just one!

This isn’t a one person fight or dream. It takes team work, and who can work as a team when we are divided?

If we are allowing ourselves to be catty or go around spreading lies that is making our fight for a cure and awareness of RSD/CRPS that much harder. Instead of taking that much needed 2 steps forward we have brought ourselves 10 feet back.

I don’t care who started any of the gossiping, slander, or hate, I want it to end here and now.

We are equal, not one of us is more important then the other and we all deserve one thing, respect. We are not children, so please let us not act like one. We need to build each other up and remember that we are hear to put a real face to RSD/CRPS and make people aware how it really effects us. That we are not some crazy crack pots that are looking for a hand out or narcotics or sympathy.

Prove to them that we are real patients, suffering from a, currently incurable, disease. If we continue down this path of self destruction to ourselves and our fellow RSD Angels then what will that bring us? Nothing but more pain and anguish.

As for me I choose to build up the RSD Angel Community. Please help us do that, and support a fellow RSD Angel today and stop fighting, please?

Let us stand up and say we are RSD Angels we walk through fire, hell, and brimstone everyday and we still are here. We still are smiling. We are victorious and we will overcome RSD/CRPS! Now Who is going to join me and put aside everything else and fight against our only common foe……….RSD/CRPS!

HUGS and Low Pain Wishes!

The RSD/CRPS Doesn’t Own Me Staff

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