Poem By Krista Lynn Hughes

Poem Posted by Krista Lynn Hughes on Thursday, February 25, 2010

I wrote a poem some time back about living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I love writing poetry. Writing a poem or writing about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome gives me great joy. It also keeps the pain off my mind. I hope you enjoy the poem. It is how I feel on most days.
My life has changed forever

My Life Today

It will never be the same
One minute I was fine
Next minute I was in painMy foot is in pain every day
I can hardly walk most days
The swelling comes and goes
My skin is always so coldFinding the right treatment is key
Medicine helps relieve the pain
Yoga calms and relaxes the body
Meditate keeps pain off the mind

I live my life one day at a time
It could be a less painful day
Or a more painful day all together
I will not let CRPS beat me

I pray everyone is having a low pain day!
Hugs, Krista

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