Link between Enlarged Choroid Plexus & RSD/CRPS

Pain Taken Seriously

A New Study out of Aalto University In conjunction with researchers from Helsinki University Hospital and Harvard Medical School , a study has shown a surprising connection that excites us here at RCDOM. Their study consisted of 12 people with CRPS and 8 people with another form of chronic pain. Upon comparing … Continue reading

Gracie Gean’s Chronic Pain Advocacy & Consulting

Gracie Gean

When it comes to having chronic pain, especially CRPS, it is hard to traverse the medical and insurance world. How can one person do it alone sometimes? Well you don’t always have to. A new ray of hope comes around in this time of need offering a rainbow of hope. Gracie … Continue reading

Ask an Angel: School Age CRPS & Education


My child has had CRPS for a few  years now! It’s in the foot, ankle, and hand but really bad with pain in their ear( permanent headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and fainting)! They’ve started taking some medicine which really improved the joint symptoms; the pain is still constantly there but it’s easier to deal with. Then they have more … Continue reading